Shevchuk had a fight with Shnurov: “Sergey forces on new year’s corporate parties”

The leader of the rock group “DDT” Yuri Shevchuk in an interview with Yuri Dude admitted that he never liked the band “Leningrad”. He virtually said the frontman of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurova, in late November, accused the musician in his quest to teach others to live.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“What we have here and to whom?”, asked then Cords Shevchuk on the video, which is posted in Instagram. “DDT” in addition he called “the ugly direction in the history of all human music.”

Shevchuk reacted to claims philosophically, noting that the star does, and generally refers to himself ironically. He suggested that the classical division of culture into Apollonian triumph of spirit and intellect and dionysiou with Orgy, horror of existence and the nature of life.

“Inclined our people to orgies and dances,” recalled the leader of “DDT” the words of Nikolai Berdyaev. “Leningrad” Shnurov he took the second type of art, noting that he himself Mat simplification does not like and need intellectual promise.

Cords in response to the remembered words of the song “Rain”, where Shevchuk was replaced by the phrase “Sang and danced the hell” to “Sang and danced as he could.” According to the leader of the “Leningrad”, the desire to give Shevchuk Hell “fun and forgetting the shame” will not go away. And the tune of the song “DDT” “Autumn” and he is compared with thug song “Pigeons fly over our zone.” Then in verse post the singer said that he always considered “DDT” crap.

Shevchuk, who, according to his confession, leads maloalmatinsky lifestyle and more lives in the woods, responded at the request of the journalists and certainly not in social networks.

“I think I spoke quite correctly and safely, even philosophically. Seryozhenka, Sergei… I would want a light in the soul, courage and spiritual strength to bear his heavy cross on new year’s corporate parties”, – quotes the musician “”.

Cords then made a generalization, not to mention becoming the leader of “DDT”. “Two small texts, like drops of living water, stirred for a long time already half-dead “rock party” and her sympathetic” – he wrote on Instagram. A little later, was photographed with Garik Sukachev and Sergei Mazaev.

Publication from Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs) Dec 14 2017 at 4:47 PST

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