Bailiffs were forbidden to collect those debts. cash

The new limit for bailiffs came up with the Ministry of justice. Bailiffs can’t take from citizens large sums of cash as repayment of debt. The Ministry developed draft amendments to the law “On enforcement proceedings”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

With them, officials want to tackle corruption in the ranks of judicial officers. As explained by the Ministry of justice, the perpetrators are often part of a scheme to launder criminal money and bring them abroad and encashment. If the bill is approved, come to the bailiff, with a stack of cash the debtor will no longer be able. To carry out transactions with large sums, the law allowed only through the creditor’s account opened with the Bank. Under a large sum in this case refers to three million rubles. If the debt is less, it will be possible to pay “live” money. In addition, there are other exceptions. Cash in any amount the bailiffs will be able to take account of repayment of debts for alimony, compensation of harm in connection with loss of breadwinner, as well as caused by the crime. However, as noted by the artists themselves, much more effective they are able to recover from the debtor not money, and property.

As have told in city UFSSP, in the past year often ushers managed to take from the citizens of the debtor smartphones, coffee makers, washing machines, televisions and other appliances. And as much as 76% of those arrested for debts of things was of little value and was worth less than 30 thousand rubles.

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