The father of the Moscow schoolgirl who died in gym class, needed medical care

The gym class ended on Thursday a tragedy at the school in the South-East of Moscow: during a game of volleyball died on the tenth.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As we found out “MK”, accident 15-year-old schoolgirl Mary (name changed) in the gym for gym class, which was the third in 10-th class. Teenagers (there were 17) were playing volleyball. When the sessions were literally one minute, suddenly Mary fell down on the floor, covered with a rubber coating. And in that moment, she was in the center of the site and nobody was pushing. Mary ran up classmates and gym teacher.

As told to militiamen teacher, he turned the unconscious student on his back and felt the artery pulse was unstable, and breath — shortness. The teacher immediately called an ambulance, arrived at the scene but doctors save the girl and failed. According to teachers, the girl was in the 2nd group of health and had no contraindications to exercise.

At the scene immediately came the father of the deceased. The man working the Director of one of Moscow firms, was hysterical, and he also needed to call an ambulance. Mary’s father told police that his daughter never complained about his health and any illnesses she had. In his family there were 8-year-old son.

According to friends of the deceased, the girl and her brother lived with their father. Her parents separated last year, but actually still married. Maria loved animals, and had Pets: two dachshunds and iguana. The girl was fond of snowboarding and weaving baubles. She had a boyfriend, they loved each other, but rarely seen, as they shared a long distance. How to tell classmates, Mary has led a healthy lifestyle.

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