Detained the bus driver, asking people in transition, “Slavic Boulevard”

Detained the bus driver made arrival on the people coming out from the underpass of the metro station “Slavic Boulevard”. According to the latest data, in the result of incident killed five people, about ten were injured.

photo: a frame from the video

As reported by Telegram-channel Mash, the bus driver was taken to interrogation to the investigator in the UVD of the Western administrative district of the capital.

In turn, the TV channel REN TV reported, citing the interior Ministry, according to the preliminary version, the driver lost control and drove into the underpass. “Interfax” reports, citing its sources, that the tragedy occurred due to technical malfunction of the bus.

Soon after the incident, in a Network there was video from a surveillance camera, which captures the time of emergency.

Watch the video on:
“Posted videos of the bus, asking people in the underpass”


According to recent reports, the victims of the tragedy were five people, about ten were injured. “MK” is monitoring the situation. Detained the bus driver, asking people in transition, “Slavic Boulevard”.

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