Removed the handbrake, not putting on a “Parking lot”: the version of road accident with bus killer

The death toll in the accident with the suburban bus near the metro station “Slavic Boulevard” has reached five people. The number of victims is still installed. Law enforcement officers detained Viktor Tikhonov, the driver of the ill-fated “Lyase”, to conduct his interrogation. But experts continue to discuss the details of the incident that still caused a terrible accident – malfunction of equipment or human factor?

photo: Evgeny Semenov

According to the representative of the carrier, the bus “LiAZ-5292.60” who worked today on a route No. 818 “SKOLKOVO – metro Slavic Boulevard” was released in 2016, is in operation from 2017. Before going on the line he passed the pre-trip inspection, the vehicle was fine.

“All drivers also undergo a compulsory medical examination in which course are checked the main indicators: pressure, the presence in the body of alcohol and drugs. Deviations from the norm of Tikhonov driver was not identified,” – said the “MK” in the press service of the GUP MO Mostransavto. We also said that injured pedestrians the compensation will be paid for insurance: for damage to life and health to 500 thousand rubles for each victim, for damage to property of each victim be paid within 400 thousand rubles. In addition, passengers are also insured., GK “SOGAZ”.

Despite the fact that, according to preliminary data, “LiAZ” was before going in flight serviceable, all buses in Moscow will pass a technical check – this was stated today by the Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region Igor Treskov, who arrived at the scene together with the Director General of Mostransavto by Vladislav Murashov.

“The driver was 59 years old, 17 years he works at Mostransavto. First appeared today in flight in 13 hours yesterday, finished work at 19:20, time to relax was enough. At the moment the investigation is being conducted, the reasons why it happened. The results of the investigation will be clear who the culprit accident”, – commented crackles.

“Most likely, the bus really was faulty and to blame for the accident the driver, – the expert of the Moscow school of driving Nikolay Fedorchuk. The situation could develop in the following way. When the driver pulled up at the end, the wheel had turned right, he put the car on the handbrake and switch boxes are not in the position of “Parking” and “movement”. He then decided to move the bus forward, took off the handbrake and the car automatically went to the right, following the position of the steering wheel. The bus is heavy, the inertial force of the movement is huge, the machine could easily enter the sidewalk and then just picked up speed. It is possible that the driver from stress and even confused the brake and gas. But the main thing another – was broken, in my opinion, safety rules. The car wasn’t put on the “Parking lot” – the wheel, and hence the wheels were pointing to the right, toward the sidewalk, and the switch position of the transmission in the “D” has done its dirty work.

Possibly to blame for carelessness, and arrogance – they say I’m a Pro, and can be neglected truism to save some extra movement. Many are now asking, as an experienced driver, a professional would make such mistakes that only beginners? Easy! All about psychology: the driver of a public bus service which runs every day on the same routes, performs the same routine of movement, took off, drove to the next stop – parked all through the day. He starts to work like a machine. Any non-standard situation leads him into a complete stupor. But such non-standard situation, they must practice and learn to get out of them as pilots, at the gym”.

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