“Will soon be planted for the diploma of GITIS”: Apfelbaum “closed” until April

Director of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT) Sophia Apfelbaum, accused of fraud by 68 million rubles in the case of the “Seventh Studio”, will remain under house arrest until April 19. Basmanny court of Moscow on Monday supported the direction of the investigation in this matter. Despite the convincing arguments of the supernumerary case and her defense, which just begged to change the measure of restraint on bail of 1 million rubles.

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The second floor of the building of the Basmanny court to 11.00 filled with impressive support group prisoners: relatives, friends and colleagues surrounded the hall where should take place meeting. One girl even wore the sink with a portrait of Sofia Apfelbaum. Itself the defendant in a red blouse and striped trousers before the meeting, communicated with her lawyer Irina Poverennova.

Due to the large number of people at the last moment the hall process was replaced by more spacious. And in the corridor set the TV which was broadcast all the happening in the audience.

The prosecution presented quite a young investigator of the TFR. She hesitantly read the petition and then stopped and asked the judge whether to disclose the conduct confrontations and other investigative actions.

– It is possible to sound? – like a schoolgirl investigator asked us nervously.

“Go on,” replied the servant of Themis.

She nodded and said that to finish the investigation currently is not possible as yet need to conduct a financial examination and to acquaint the accused with the results. In addition, the investigation sees no grounds for mitigation measure for Apfelbaum because she can collude with Catherine Raven, runaways.

– Please extend Apfelbaum house arrest until 19 April 2018, – said the investigator.

The Prosecutor, too, by the way, the woman, agreed with his colleague, noting in passing that the case does not appear red tape and everything goes smoothly.

The lawyer and the accused asked to read out the testimony of ex-accountant, “the Seventh Studio” Nina Massieu.

– The law provides at this stage of the investigation – said the judge.

Then the defenders, holding an impressive stack of papers, explained that letters from almost all of the creative Moscow.

– It is a collective letter from Ramtha, they are asked to change the measure of restraint on not connected with restriction of freedom, said Poverennova. Then without disclosing the content of the letters, listed a similar request from a former culture Minister and now Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Alexander Avdeev, Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures Alexander Kalyagin, actress Yulia Peresild, the International Fund for Nemirovich-Danchenko, the Moscow circus them.Yu.Nikulina, the Federation of Jewish communities and many others.

They know Apfelbaum, as a conscientious worker with an excellent reputation, – the defender noted.

The Prosecutor objected to the inclusion of documents as “cultural workers do not have the right to petition the court.”

– Specifies information characterizing Apfelbaum positive, – said the Prosecutor.

Finally, the floor was given to Sophia Mikhailovna. She objected to the request of the investigation. It was held confidently with her head held high.

– I’m two months are in isolation, I did not commit such serious offences, which I impute. I was doing my job. The project “Platform” was developed on behalf of the government. I was involved in its implementation. As if I were the Ministry of culture, there was no control Department, the Department of Finance, said with challenge in his voice Apfelbaum.

According to her, the Ministry has replaced two Ministers and five deputies, and they have no complaints.

But for me, apparently, because I finished the theatrical Institute. Soon, probably, will sit for the diploma of GITIS, ‘ she continued.

The lawyer also strongly disagreed with the position of the investigation. In addition to Massieu nobody said bad about Apfelbaum, – said the lawyer.

The accountant had nothing to do with Apfelbaum, the then Ministry of culture. Maslyaeva let go after she said “God knows what”.

The defender of the accused the investigation of bias.

– Mrs. Weiss disciplined and talented leader. But does not know accounting, how could she detect one-day firms? Maslyaeva was forced to testify in order to get out of jail, – said the lawyer.

She asked to release the client on bail of 1 million rubles.

– This will allow Apfelbaum to go to work. She’s not hiding from the investigation: passport delivered. The investigation will go on for a long time. Until April, it just will not end. We are ready to assist in the investigation, concluded Powernova.

However, versitility of justice did not accept these arguments. Although they sounded very convincing.

In the end, the Basmanny district court has completely satisfied the petition of the investigation.

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