Convicted lawyer associated with the case of smuggling of hunting falcons to the Arabs

4.5 years got busted a Moscow lawyer Kira Ogarkov Syrian smuggler. For a reduced sentence, the lawyer demanded from his client 170 thousand U.S. dollars and no cent less.


As it became known “MK”, a Russian citizen and a Syrian by origin Alsuleiman Alhamdo organized the business of smuggle from Russia abroad birds of prey, rare species listed in the Red book. The man had long time lived in the Arab country and there has got extensive contacts among lovers of falconry. About 5 years ago, he screwed a lady of Russian origin. Married her, and after in 2014, he received Russian citizenship, left her in the lurch and brought from Syria first wife with four young children. At first the smuggler all was well, but in November of 2015, customs officers have closed the shop. The attacker was caught when he tried to smuggle across the border at the airport “Vnukovo” flight from Moscow to Tbilisi 8 Sokolov-Krechetov cost 40 thousand dollars. For this purpose he even tried to bribe pedicularis. However, he reported this to the FSB, and the transaction passed under control of field investigators. Investigators of the Moscow inter-regional SU on transport of SK of Russia brought an action against the swindler criminal case. Ogarkov was invited to initial investigations to Alsuleiman as counsel. He gathered a good characterizing materials and could seek house arrest for his client. In the course of the investigation, the defender was visited by a stray thought. The lawyer told the smuggler that you need to give to the investigator of 150 thousand U.S. dollars. For the money the Syrians promised almost total exemption from criminal liability. He did not immediately, but agreed. However, the appetite of the “Savior” grew, and he add on another 20 thousand “green” for the previously announced amount. Here the nerves of the Syrian could not stand, and he turned to the security officers. The arrow in the middle of April 2016, the lawyer arrived on his new Volkswagen. Dealer falcons gave him a “doll” marked with special paint money. Once the cash was in the glove compartment of the cars, in the hands of the lawyer snapped the handcuffs. Law enforcement authorities on this fact opened a criminal case under article “Fraud”. During the investigation, the lawyer confessed immediately, and he was arrested.

Lyuberetskiy city court took into account that Cyrus Ogarkov is a combat veteran that his dependent is a minor child and parents-pensioners. The justice sentenced the man to 4.5 years in a penal colony. By the way, the Syrian is now searching for the police. The smuggler before sending your case to the court, violated the conditions of house arrest and fled to unknown direction. It was announced in the Federal wanted list.

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