The psychologist explained recording DVR bus killer: the driver does not control the situation

A recording from the DVR of the bus, asking people in the underpass near the metro station “Slavic Boulevard” in Moscow, appeared on the Network. However, the Registrar was destroyed, and so restore was only the first few seconds of the recording. But in these seconds you can hear the driver shouting obscene curses. About what this could mean, we were told the psychologist.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

“Foul, which has no meaningful content, indicates that the person is not in control of the situation, – explains psychologist and psychotherapist Eugene drones. When he can’t explain even to himself, when he can’t draw conclusions and find ways to remedy the situation, he shouts out swear words to address this situation. This is what I see on the video the driver of the ill-fated bus on Slavic Boulevard. Can conclude that the situation is out of control driver. Moreover he could not take any action for its redress, because he was completely disoriented and unsettled. Most likely, the bus lost control — brakes, or even some kind of fault with which he in virtue of their qualifications could not cope. Thus, understanding the horror of possible consequences, he probably was in a state of shock.”

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