Again, twenty-five: Khabib Nurmagomedov destroyed Barbosa, celebrating the birth of a son

In Russia there are a lot of traditions, especially on 31 December. Olivier, purchase gifts at the last moment, and a bath with friends… And I think another one. Best at this point in time the Russian fighters millet are obliged to fight for the New year. The absolute champion on this indicator is Fedor Emelianenko, now “debuted” Khabib Nurmagomedov, who on the UFC 219 didn’t leave chances to Edson Barbosa, came close to the championship battle. The distance to Las Vegas has not prevented Moscow to maintain the “eagle.”

photo: AP

In one of the institutions on the New Arbat, gathered almost the whole team Eagles MMA, whose President is Habib. Was friends of the family Nurmagomedova, athletes. Father and coach of “eagle” – Abdulmanap – was not: he remained in Makhachkala, after the 30th of December he was born the grandson, and the son will have additional motivation.

“What I remember most in the training of Habib? His eyes were burning. Like the wolf,” said one rising to the microphone, who watched the UFC fighter since childhood.

Photo: Nikita Burchak

– Shakes me – I’m so excited!, – literally burst into the company Magomed Ismailov, who himself was to be the 30th, but due to illness he had to withdraw from the match. However, even the flu didn’t stop him during the night and pre-Christmas time to come and support a friend. Let the center of Moscow, not in Las Vegas.

Live broadcast a video from the locker room Habib: he smiles, quietly warming up, and the hall was filled with people in hats. Even in the US he had huge support, which, as it turned out, at times better than the Edson Barbosa.

Boooom! @TeamKhabib is warming up) From Vegas to Moscow :)#mma #ufc219

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) December 31, 2017.

When Nurmagomedov entered the cage, it was really disturbing: what he is after downtime, recovery and operations, to which had to resort to extreme velogonki in March? New Arbat street was buzzing and exploded with shouts and applause, barely appeared on the screen at least a hint of Habib.

At first nervousness was noticeable, but that in the end has been happening for three rounds… something between articles of the Criminal code of causing grievous bodily harm or death, only legal. Nurmagomedov was doing everything he wanted: he beat the drummer Barbosa, dragged to the ground and destroyed, forcing the Edson regret not so much that I had to go in the cage against Habib how much he is the 4th rank number weight and on the way to the title of “Eagle” had for him to ride.

Photo: Nikita Burchak

Each successful action Nurmagomedov was meeting approving PRS from the Dagestani friends, and a wave of emotions: at least it ended well.

Hey Hey, come on, snap out of it!, – shouted someone, when in the third round, Habib lowered his hands and missed the shot. But in the end even didn’t eye and went to mock Barbosa on.

The result: a unanimous decision, and one of the judges counted 30-24, which means 10-8 every round in favour of Nurmagomedov. It’s called destruction, physical and moral. In the UFC probably thought about the option of stopping the match in view of the clear advantages of one of the fighters and the absolute inevitability for another. The restaurant on Novy Arbat pulled a long chant of “Habib, Habib!”.

“Khabib, Khabib!!!” in the center of Moscow) #mma #ufc219 @TeamKhabib

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) December 31, 2017.

“Let me rest one hour, and I’m ready to go against Conor McGregor or Tony Ferguson. This is not a joke,” said Habib after the fight. It was hard for him not to believe.

He won again. In the twenty-fifth time. Chance to hide, a championship fight him no more. He gave millions of Russians a gift for the New year, and he probably dedicated this victory newborn son. Who now stakes his father Abdulmanap…

“Grandfather liked me more than this fight. Habib 2-3 years will be, but son is already 10 years to prepare. So now it relies. What’s next now for the Habib? The title, of course, what else!”, said Nurmagomedov-the senior who in the video looked as if nothing really never happened. Victory in this family are perceived casually.

– Someone in love with the art of painting. I – in love with the “Grand-and-pound” (“Vali-e-Bay” – approx. A. S.) Habib. That is – art!, – talked calm and happy Maga Ismailov.

Well, the eagle again flew out of the cage a winner and fluttered over the lightweight division, having spread wings. He fed another kill but the eye is already looking for a new one. Champion.

This dude sitting on my car after the fight. Thanks for the hat @khabib_nurmagomedov

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