Greetings verses with the year of the Dog from Leonid Yakubovich

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich traditionally publish new year’s greetings in verse. The new year 2018 according to the Eastern calendar – year of the Yellow Dog, to congratulate relatives and friends with poems by Leonid Abramovich will be the same.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Leonid Yakubovich.

Windbreaks, gullies,

Watch out people

Here comes the year of the Dog

The Dog year is coming!

Well now the fate of us to find fault,

To know the inheritance we have is that,

We would only not to bark

And not to write the posts!

How much is given to us by nature,

Not to change the course of events,

Keep us rock

At least for a time, at least for a year!

To live in dignity, we would,if only

Always be yourself,

Not to wag his tail would be we would

The handouts if any!

Don’t whine when you lose,

Living with ourselves in trouble,

Not the sin, and salvation,

Happy New year, gentlemen!

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