New year’s eve: how to spend the expiring year

31 December summing up and preparation for the holiday. It is not surprising that the last day is due hardly less to tradition than from 1 January. Usually New year’s eve in Russia on a working day, but this time it falls on a weekend, so there will be more time to properly prepare for the holiday.

A considerable part of the will can be reduced to the well-known formula “As the New year meet, so spend it”. Probably, therefore, until January 1, people tend to get out of debt, thrown out of apartments all the trash and to provide it with the maximum order.

31 December is not considered a day to beat the dishes – a good sign. It is believed that broken on this day, the Cup or plate will lead to quarrels in the coming year. Therefore, to cover new year’s table should be as accurate as you can. For the same reason, at the time of preparation for the New year forget past grievances – if the family arguing at the dinner table, in the coming year it will be difficult to come to agreement.

Although for many the New year is a family holiday, it is believed that on the eve of this day should not deny other people the hospitality – it is believed that the pleasant owners next year, it expects wealth. By the way, another sign says that if the first visitor on 1 January will be the big man, that’s a good sign, especially if the guest is unexpected.

A few hours before the New year decided to gather around the holiday table. Among the traditional Russian Christmas dishes and foods – salad, jelly, herring under a fur coat, sandwiches with red fish and, of course, tangerines. Some put on the Christmas table a loaf and salt. In anticipation of the holiday, people remember the most vivid events of the year. When the TV start to sound the chimes, a wish.

It should be noted that unlike many Western countries, where this holiday is “secondary” in relation to the Catholic Christmas, in Russia this New year can be called the main holiday uniting the country – to match him in this respect may perhaps the Day of victory.

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