Seized hostages in Kharkov, Putin berated and participated in the Maidan

40-year-old psychic Vladimir Earless, held on Saturday in suspense the whole of Ukraine, 11 years ago I stood in mayors of Kharkov, and in 2014 led the “anti-Putin propaganda.” Would-be terrorist, due to which on the orders of the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine had to be sent from Kiev to Kharkov aircraft with trained according to American methods the commandos had in the past serious problems with the law. Earless has a criminal record under several articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine. In particular, according to the head of state of Ukraine in the Kharkov area Oleg Beha “for drug offences”.

Vladimir Earless.

As earlier have informed “MK” yesterday, approximately at 16 o’clock Moscow time a armed citizen in the mask seized the branch of “Ukrposhta” located in the center of million city street Shevchenko. In the room at the time of the attack there were three officer and eight visitors. Barricaded in the building with barred Windows and a security door, the man ordered some of the more “advanced” visitors… to shoot and spread in social networks a video about yourself, your favorite dedicated they constructed an improvised explosive device. The explosives, they say, has more than thousands of submunitions and one movement of the man blown to bits not only himself (as mounted on the body of the terrorist), but all of the respectable public.

After reviewing the video, the chief of national police of Ukraine General Sergey Knyazev reported to the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Yarovoy about a serious risk to the lives of the hostages. Spring ordered to lift the air plane National guard with Department staff KORD (“the Case of operational surprise action” organization, modeled on the special forces of the Directorate for combating drugs (DEA) of the U.S. Department of justice and border patrol BORTAG.

By the way, according to “MK”, the same plane of the NSU from the Kiev not so long ago was extradited to Georgia a few local thugs and supporters of the former President of post-Soviet Transcaucasian Republic Mikhail Saakashvili.

By the time of arrival Kiev Cordova building “Ukrposhta” has already been cordoned off their Kharkiv colleagues and men of “alpha” USBU in the Kharkov region. Gathered at the place of the accident dozens of journalists, police hinted: will storm…

About 19.10 GMT terrorist heeded the request of the negotiators, “police dialogue” to release the two minors of 9 and 13 years), and three other women, one of which is elderly. Instead, they “captured” volunteered to give up dressed “on the citizen”, the head of the criminal police of Kharkiv region Vyacheslav Davidenko. However, the attacker refused to let the building a police officer.

During negotiations, the attacker several times been hysterical, threatening in case of assault to kill the remaining hostages.

The things these hostages were alcohol (apparently, people on the way to the post office “were bought” for the New year). Given the low psychological threshold of the attacker, which police said caused the emergency of his father, and also the people who released the terrorists, “a situation” that contributed to the penetration of special forces in “Ukrposhta” with no assault, with no casualties or casualties among the officers and hostages.

Judging by that pictures, captured by citizen Earless Vladimir Vladimirovich fighters of the CORD is not particularly ceremony. The face and clothes of the terrorist was in the blood. General beh, in turn, says that the detainee beat one of the visitors of the post office, trying to reason with him.

Earless in 2006, applied for the post of mayor of Kharkiv. 8 years later this character, turned to the blue-yellow flag of Ukraine, gave a single protest rally on Kharkiv’s Freedom square. Already then it was possible to doubt the adequacy of this “Patriotic” citizen of Ukraine.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, thanking Netpolicy and security service for successful operation in the center of the First Capital, promised to announce the official gratitude to the staff of offices of “Ukrpochta” and pay everyone a higher premium. The leadership of “Ukrposhta” promptly contacted the families of the trapped officers and to the point of neutralization of the intruder with them.

It is curious that the postmaster is possible to trace in Kiev on the electronic system – even in the most difficult moments of the negotiations did not stop working, “closed operation.”

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