The CPS advised to celebrate the New year in the dance, leaning on salads

The CPS has published on its website advice to citizens on how to celebrate the New year, without compromising health. The experts do not recommend to indulge yourself with a variety of dishes during the feast, to pay more attention to vegetable salads and to follow the correct sequence of dishes. The meal should not be long. Instead of watching TV is better to go for a walk or dance.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The CPS advises to hold a long feast in new year. This pastime is harmful to health. Instead, the experts recommended to go for a walk or dance. These and other tips are contained in the published on the website of Rospotrebnadzor reported.

“Don’t all night to spend at the table, watching television and absorbing food. Pamper yourself and your guests with contests, dance or walk in the fresh air. Avoid prolonged feasts”, – stated in the message.

Also experts advise to observe moderation in consumption of alcohol and do not drink carbonated drinks as they cause bloating.

It is also recommended not to attempt to try all food and to observe their sequence. You need to start with the salad.

“Dieticians proved that the most optimal is to eat the salad first, and then more hearty meals and hot. Let the table more of vegetable salads and snacks. We should not seek to try all the dishes,” advised the CPS. According to experts, the more diverse all fit naturally around the dinner table, the greater the load on the digestive system.

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