The organizer of the explosion in St. Petersburg has summed up stuffed into a sausage stick

The media learned the details of the detention of nationalist Dmitry Lukyanenko, who is suspected of committing a blast in the store “Perekrestok” in St. Petersburg. Is to calculate quickly the attacker was able tucked them into a sausage, literally, flash. In this claim, but had not to the store and to the center DEIR, located nearby, which conducted psychological workshops.

photo: Ostap beetles

On 27 December, immediately after the explosion at St. Petersburg the “Crossroads”, all forces were thrown to the study of surveillance cameras in the store, and installed on nearby streets, according to “Fontanka”. Image of the suspect was immediately. But who is he?

Helped to figure out this strange find. On examination, the victim shop on one of the shelves was discovered sausage in which someone, most likely suspect, stuck the flash drive. Investigators immediately checked its contents and found a diagram of the IED and the text of the threats to seminars DEIR Further Energo-Information Development – training system new age.

It turned out that the Petersburg branch of this center is in the house 23 along the street Zhukov, i.e. only five hundred meters from the shop where the explosion occurred. And there in the day of the explosion one of the visitors also found the same drive with the same content.

In the psychological school came to the investigators of the FSB, conducted interrogations, and then joined the efforts of technical specialists. First install brand mobile phone with which the photo was taken of the drawing the explosive device placed on a flash drive, then was installed and this phone number. Further, as we know, December 30 police officers raided the apartment Lukyanenko in the village of Red and arrested him.

The detainee stated that he wanted this explosion to draw attention to the strange seminars, which are held in DEIR “Technology’s secret power”, “Basic aspects of sexuality in the system of training skills”, etc.

If this is confirmed, we can assume that the RF IC is correctly characterized the case as “attempted murder of two and more persons committed publicly dangerous method” and not as a terrorist attack. However, perhaps we don’t all know.

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