The year of the Yellow Dog 2018: wizards gave their forecast

The new year 2018 — year of the Yellow Dog. What can we expect from the character? With this question we turned to the psychic and clairvoyant. The forecast for the year

Dog happy: workaholics will be rewarded, and unmarried men should be thinking about marriage that is sure to please their loved ones. But some things need to be very careful.


Gennady Goncharov, hypnology, parapsychologist, head of the Moscow school of hypnosis: “the Yellow Dog – wise, levelheaded one that will control everything that will happen in the coming year. Evenness, steadiness and tranquility of her character is due to belonging to the Earth element. These traits she tries to give all inhabitants of the planet.

All kinds of incentives rewarded people willing to work hard to secure a comfortable existence, while remaining straightforward and honest.

The dog will not tolerate a cynical and dishonest individuals willing to step on people to achieve his goal. Those for whom there is no conscience, law and moral norms, the Dog will be punished. At the same time, she would show humanity and allow all “guilty” to correct their mistakes. The year of the Dog is ideal to start with a clean page.

Careerists will be a big success in the profession. But under one condition: they must be honest and not afraid to work, sometimes overtime. But those who were accustomed to moving up the career ladder, using hypocrisy and flattery will be very disappointed that their methods no longer work.

Moreover, there is a risk of losing your existing position. Workaholics, on the other hand, will be able to improve your social status and increase revenues.

In 2018, all men will learn a lesson that they will teach Yellow Dog: aggression must not be a way to achieve the goal! Those who do not take that into account, have not sweet.

The strong half of humanity needs from the first days of the new year to get rid of all habits and always solved with the help of the “kulaks”. Men who will be able to change your character and behavior, waiting for encouragement from Dogs in the form of success.

Truly brutal are those of men whose character will be filled with wisdom, compassion, tact, work ethic, respect for themselves and others. It will be useful for men not only in matters of a personal plan, but in career, Finance, communication with business partners.

Yellow Dog will bring good luck to those who are ready for new things. Contracts signed in the first six months of the new year, will be the most profitable and productive.

But in the second half of the year, men should pay attention to personal health and to engage in home improvement. First of all it concerns unmarried men. Put in order your home, creating coziness in it, they will provide the appearance in their life of a woman, desirable and loving. All those who begin a new relationship in the year of the Yellow Dog should to treat them very gently, as the basis of this Union will be not animal passion, wont to fade, and high spirituality”.

Caretta Akhmetzhanova, clairvoyant, psychic, finalist of the 6th season of “Battle of psychics”: “the Dog – the most faithful, open and good-natured animal. Therefore can not but rejoice the fact that the Dog (Yellow Dog) will protect us all in the new year. In 2018 will strengthen personal relationships and family traditions, and loved ones will become more sensitive and responsive. You will make peace with those who were with you in the fight.

Ideal relationship – this is what awaits you in the year of the Dog. She is peace-loving and tolerant, persistent in achieving any goal. She did not feel fear, the Dog is always on guard of family happiness and fidelity. According to the love forecast in your relationship should be free of lies, betrayal and greed towards others unless you want forever to lose their respect and love.

The nobility and sense of justice will become your faithful helpers in business and getting what you want.

In your life be full of bright events, of harmony, peace and positive attitude.

Relationship with a loved one in 2018 become more sincere and strong with spiritual harmony and tranquility. Your future is full of positive emotions and bright events. Most couples are waiting for a happy and long Union.

In July you will feel a tremendous energy, it neutralizes conflicts, save your relationship from misunderstandings. But that doesn’t mean you can give up and ignore the current problems. It is well known that relationships are work, sometimes difficult. Surround my beloved with tenderness, care and understanding, let this be your priorities.

Well, those who are still in search of the second half in 2018 should take a new look at old friends and fans. Among them certainly there are honest, gentle and open man. Here they are-and worthy of your attention, as they are able to make your life better.

Relationship, harmony and understanding, born in the year of the Yellow Dogs, they are so perfect that you seriously think about married.

Of course, your choice must fall on proprietary a married man, no matter how “her” it may seem. Such a relationship is soon destined to come to a standstill, and nothing but trouble they will bring.

The same applies to men who have recently gone through a divorce. In such a context, there is no future, it is painful and improper for both parties. And all because that Yellow Dog does not approve of such relationships. Be reasonable, in search of amorous adventures do not forget about her advice.

Cute women in 2018 do not jump to conclusions, take the time to make a decision, not shoot from the hip. Before you agree on having a civil marriage, know your lover better. Dog, by nature, very responsible, she does not tolerate the hustle and bustle, especially in serious matters.

To talk about living together and future plans better, not earlier than three months from the beginning of your relationship”.

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