“To let people know a cult of psychics”: published video of interrogation of the St. Petersburg suicide

Detained for organizing the attack in the supermarket “Perekrestok” in the Northern capital, 35-year-old nationalist Dmitry Lukyanenko during interrogation has given grateful evidences on video and investigators said that the bomb was used on Kondratyevsky Prospekt, injuring 18 people, with the goal of “popularization” of the sect of the psychics, according to “Fontanka”. The explosive device the man had made their own.

“Zhukov Street, 23. There is a school. It’s like a cult of psychics. I went in there, and in order to let people know, I made that bomb,” said the suspect in the attack.

According to the terrorist, he put in a locker bomb red – filled nuts and explosives “fire extinguisher with washers” – and left in the supermarket stick to such a terrible way to Express yourself and the whole of Russia learned about “the sect of the psychics.”

While Lukyanov said that members of the sect, from which it depended, allegedly violently forced him to go on the offense.

“They went, as if tortured…”, he said.

He described the alleged terrorist and what happened on the evening of 27 December. According to him, he brought in a backpack gray bomb and left it in the “glove box where people put things,” and later went into the trading room of the shop and left on the shelves with products two stick.

“Then I went inside the store, put the stick on the right… well, where were going, right corner of the store. There there was no food, empty shelf was put in there. Then he went to the left, here, put, there, too, was not, chocolate was”, — told investigators the detainee.

The motive of the explosion, he called a personal dislike she has for the school, “DEIR” – “Further energetic-informational development” (school conducts workshops to enhance the well-being and better health). On the stick, which he left at the supermarket, contained threats against the school.

Thanks to flash drives operatives of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia on the eve and managed to detain the executor of the explosion.

The Investigative Committee of Russia said that in the near future the court will be filed with the petition for arrest of the suspect. It is known that the detainee consisted on the account in a psychoneurological clinic and led antisocial lifestyle. When the police announced that the suspect is a resident of St. Petersburg, which adheres to nationalist views.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the blast shop in Saint-Petersburg the attack.

The responsibility for the explosion took banned in Russia as a terrorist group “Islamic state”.

But in the state Duma of Russia said that the IG after the defeat in Syria is ready to attribute any terrorist act for the purposes of self-promotion.

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