A resident of Lebedyan brutally beat ex-wife and almost got scalped.

A resident of the city Lebedyan, in the Lipetsk region has asked for help from local Deputy after she tried to kill and rape ex-husband. She wrote a statement to the police, but after 24 hours, the man continued to call her mother to write her on social networks, said the Deputy. In Lebedyan ‘ this is the second such case in recent times: the husband beat to death a civilian wife.

The victim. Photo: social networks

This case was written in “Vkontakte” Lipetsk Deputy Andrey Trofimenkov, to which addressed the victim by name Larissa. She told me that her husband is divorced and they live together since may. The General’s son lives with his mother.

The man, according to Larissa, threatening her and her family, and the day before about midnight broke into her apartment, knocking on his door. The woman says that he kicked it in the stomach. The baby woke up and cried, and while the woman tried to calm him down, her ex-husband grabbed a knife and tried to cut her hair, tearing with them the skin.

According to the Deputy to the Larissa, the man beat her head against the wall, trying to push from the fourth floor balcony, then wanted to rape her. In the confusion it brought the grandmother of the victim, and he ultimately ran away. Larissa is now in the hospital with a concussion and bruises, while her ex-husband isn’t detained to come back home she’s afraid of.

Trofimenkov recalls that in the first half of December, addressed him in a similar situation. Then in Lebedyan ‘ man crippled civil wife, removing the process on the phone’s camera. Battered woman three days later died.

Police Lebedyan then very reluctantly dealt with the case, says the Deputy. According to him, in both cases talking about “the suspect contacts in law enforcement”.

“Take control of this. Require prompt action to apprehend a suspect!!!” – Trofimenkov said.

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