Artistic Director of theatre Lensoviet turned hamlet into a woman

At the end of the 2017 artistic Director of the St. Petersburg theater. Of the Leningrad city Council was appointed Yury Butusov. He began to put there performances back in the 1990s, including young actors Khabensky, Porechenkov, by Troshinym. Left there, but in 2011 returned to chief Director. In parallel, set in Moscow (where, by the way, no one offered to lead the theatre). Although, according to Yury Butusov, some hints were made.

A scene from the play “hamlet” in the Theater. Of the Leningrad city Council. In the role of hamlet – Laura Pitskhelauri. Photo from theatre

To be the artistic Director of the theatre so radically change the way of life.

– Increases the degree of my responsibility for the theatre and its artistic line – says Yury Butusov. Seven years I held the position of chief Director. Want to see the theatre became another. For many years he had a tabloid person. There’s a public who loves it. My interests are in another area. Although I don’t like a boring show to watch and to do. But at the same time trying to put into play the thoughts and feelings that require work from the viewer. After the death of Igor Petrovich Vladimirova (theatre Director, who led for 40 years the theatre. Lensoveta, husband of Alice Freindlich – sh) it’s been almost 20 years. These years were different, made a lot of good.

But still the face of the theater was common. And it needs to be individual, different from others. All the Boulevard theatres a bit similar. I wish our theater was modern, the disputed and the interest that he was not serving position, and which came to be people to think, to argue, to worry. It is important that the theatre has ceased to be a place of rest. What I’m trying to do in the theater. Of the Leningrad city Council, directly linked with the best traditions of this team, the tradition of the best performances of Igor Vladimirov in which was combined the acuteness of thought and form, democracy, openness. When the family comes a new father is a difficult moment, and the path to the children (in quotes, of course) may not be conflict-free.

Change is always difficult. Of course, it is easier to create from scratch. I have no prejudice against any of the artists. Well, for one there. During my work of theatre no one was ejected, no repressive measures have been adopted. Try to think about all the artists, but 67 people. I was asked to leave the theater 3 or 4 of their students, rather, asked them to think about what their fate is in the theater may be not as they would like. They’re gone. Everything else is working. The main thing – patience, ability to maintain relationships in human standards. I think we have a good atmosphere in the theatre. Most of the troupe are my disciples. Better to love the youth, to be near her, to her energy. War is absolutely futile and senseless thing. Wrong in the theatre to throw stones, because it is a fragile thing easy to break…

On new year’s eve premiere “hamlet” in the Theater. Of the Leningrad city Council. Young women in the audience, somewhat shocked by his bold interpretation, talking: “it’s Interesting to see what Butusov puts in Moscow.” As a teenager, amazed at the musical design of the play, said, “Such music has never been in the theater.”

Before the performance, one lady gave Yuri Butusov on his appointment handle with the snowman. Explained that when Andrey Moguchy was appointed to lead the theatre, he also gave the pen to Alice. Butusov said: “It’s so related things that stick with me Alice, too, could give”. In the theater. Lensoveta still filled with the spirit of Alice Freindlich, although she has long left these walls. In the lobby – her costumes and shoes from old performances. At this stage she was a goddess. And “hamlet” came that day with her daughter Varvara Vladimirova.

“Hamlet” is four hours and begins with radiogeology some young people: “Slavik died hamlet?”. Slavik did not know the answer, but soon said, “I remembered. Hamlet died a long time ago.” Dialogue – not fiction. You can check out on the street. Hamlet plays the young actress Laura Pitskhelauri. Ophelia there’s two. One man with a bleached face, resembling the makeup of Japanese theatre “Kabuki” as his tradition – performance of female roles by men. Ophelia plays Fedor Wheat and yustina Wonshik with a slight foreign accent. Here are generally many wonderful. “Hamlet has long been a myth, not a person, it is a spiritual substance, having neither age, nor sex, nor weight, nor smell” – said Yuri Butusov. In just three to four hours before the performance he talked about how it was created, the performance, and feels like theatre.

“Women know more about life than men”

– I have today is the deadline for the premiere marathon in five a rehearsal. This is all very hard. After all, the Director is constantly with his performance in the dialogue, or calms down after some time, or all it becomes annoying.

– As you’re in that state, with a temperature of rehearsing?

– Yes, a terrible state. I’m sick, like many of our artists. Very difficult was the production of “hamlet.”

– The main role is played by the actress Laura Pitskhelauri.

Is this unusual? In the history of the theatre is not an isolated case. Sarah Bernhardt played hamlet. This is one of the most important roles of the world repertoire, and to dive into its complex world, the actor must have certain spiritual, physical and intellectual capabilities. Laura Pitskhelauri they are. “Hamlet” is a gentle and light play a fundamental role we have played by the actress. Women know more about life than men.

– Film Director Grigory Kozintsev worked seven years to earn the right setting of his famous film “hamlet.” The thing about this piece threat?

– I wonder why he waited so long to put it? In “hamlet”, of course, there are issues of power that can somehow be interpreted.

– You can’t be laid?

– No. For me it didn’t matter. Emphasis on this not been done, although the viewer reacts to some lines, including those that involve questions of power.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Yury Butusov

In 2005 you put “hamlet” at the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov. Why 12 years later again returned to him? Is it related to creativity? Perhaps something has changed in you?

Is connected with the desire to plunge into the text. Left feeling some dissatisfaction. Things didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted. Since the Moscow premiere after all these years! It’s two different performances. Now other artists, another city, another world. A play was linked to a specific period of my life, built on friendship, memories. We had a wonderful acting team. Together with Kostya Khabensky, troshinym by Misha, Misha Porechenkova we once started together in St. Petersburg. I felt even then in them the possibility of growth and I’m glad that leaven lives in them still, and gave them the opportunity to become great artists. My first “hamlet” became a occurrence in one of the main theaters of the country. The life of the play ended with the death of Marina Golub. I thought that we should not search for her replacement.

Marriage with some pieces is the best. If so, then return to them is not worth it. But “King Lear,” I would still go back. With “hamlet” and so it happened. I practically know by heart the translation of Boris Pasternak, although not taught him. But I want the updates in vocabulary and meanings. So I took the translation of “hamlet” 2001, St. Petersburg is made by the translator, Andrey Chernov. It has new vocabulary, and suddenly there was a new twist in the most famous monologue, in other words sounded the string that the whole world knows. It gives a new feeling. Andrew spent a great exploration plays around with mathematical calculations, five-movement form was made in three parts. From an artistic point of view, this is correct. I realized that when I put the play in Moscow. In the role I was not able to divide the play into three parts. I was young and I didn’t give permission. One of the beauties of artistic Director that you can afford to let something.

I liked your Moscow “hamlet”. Saw it when otshumeli premieres, and has already reached a critical article.

– I’m not saying he’s bad. He is quite different. About the new show yet I can’t say enough to me something in it or not. He wasn’t even born until the end. Probably, in a year when everything calms down, we can understand what happened, and what is not. It is still early. This is not deceit, believe me.

– I understand that. You put the performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg, living in two cities. How different these two worlds?

Different. In the human sense. This is a very interesting question. I like the bridge. It is important for me both. So, apparently, I have a character, a soul warehouse. But I think that these cities do not come together ever. Petersburg is a difficult city with a terrible climate that affects the character of the people. Do we have long, cold and boring night! Therefore, for St. Petersburg is an incredibly important theater. I am glad when he moves not in the direction of empty entertainment, and trying to put matters right. It is a misconception that the viewer need only a balalaika. Drama theaters in our town is lack of attention. And this is the only place where there is a live chat and a person that can not give neither the Museum nor the library. For our country, theatre is an incredibly important institution. As a school or hospital. People come to the theatre to be treated to spiritual food. I can not even watch a performance in the theater of Lev Dodin, and to sit in the hallway. It is important to be in some kind of spiritual field.

“I love theatre. If you come back as in the arena, you have to leave”

We’re talking about two cities, and you’re a native of Gatchina, near St. Petersburg? What a gentle and intelligent city.

– Yes, but I haven’t been there. My parents are dead. I left and don’t want to go.

– Interfere with memory?

Yes. I go to the cemetery. The parents are buried under the Tansy. There isn’t very good.

Theater starter did you receive from parents? From childhood, we started to attend performances or are already a student of naval architecture or theater Institute?

– I fell in love with theatre because I once brought in his parents. Children’s puppet shows, the ones that looked the BTK made a strong impression on me. Then without parents went to the theatre and the Lenin Komsomol Theater in the successful period of its existence. I was 18-20 years. Often stood on the balcony, and from there watched the performances. I did, and later became a student of the directing faculty. In these performances there is pain and compassion, and they can change something in you. I am sure that theatre changes people, so it is important to go there and young people. And they will go, if you can get there vaccination irritation.

In one of the first run of your “Uncle Vanya” on stage were Sergey Migitsko, and someone in the audience shushed. Just at the time your wad on all the dogs for the procession of the faithful along the Nevsky prospect, part of which demanded a ban of the movie “Matilda”. The audience, immersed in the context of the events, no longer detached to perceive what is happening on stage. It is important to know which train the actor?

– The fact that Sergey Grigorievich, as you say, all dogs descended, – opening for me. I something heard about it, but I, frankly, do not care. Sergey Migitsko decided that it needed to be done and this is his personal position, which he has the right to Express. But the serial loop, of course, exists and has value. But I think that it is beatable. Sasha Novikov 17 years starred in “secrets of the investigation”, that is not always shown on television. He manages to remain completely theatrical artist. I don’t feel any plume that brought them to the stage. Although there are cases where this is happening.

– Do you understand actors and the audience?

– Artists with no particular difficulties. Somehow we find a common language. Seem to have developed a certain skill. As for my performances, some people does not accept them. But that’s okay too.

– You give the impression of absolute intellectual. And performances put sometimes bold, and causing. Are you a daring person?

– Grotowski said a wonderful phrase: “Theatre – a place where you will finally be able to play.” There you can be anyone to increase their capabilities, first and foremost, human. In the theater you can try everything and make it great.

– Where you can be yourself?

– You could say that. The theater’s working with the imagination, inner world. And the inner world of man is unknowable and infinite. Very interested in this deal.

– There is the spiritual aspect of theatre, but there are daily. It can distort a person?

– Can. Theatre is a complex place. It’s divine and almost hellish. In the theater a lot of warped fate. But this kind of thing with which we live, and there’s nothing you cannot change.

– There is a feeling that every time I have to come into the arena?

– No. I love the theatre. If you come back to arena, you need to go. Work should be fun, otherwise I don’t understand how you can live.

– Is theater – not a dictatorship?

Sometimes you just have to be tough. Nothing wrong with that. Although it is hard for me. But go for it, because theater should lead the artistic leader. And I have the audacity to claim it. There is a quartermaster form of government in which the artistic Director is not a Director. Theatre. Of the Leningrad city Council is always headed by a person. My desire to become its artistic Director is associated with the integrity of the theatre. Yeah, I listen to the opinions of others, there are people with whom I consult, but always do as you see fit. .

Theatre – total alone for the Director?

I do not know. Maybe understanding comes later. I’m too excited evening premiere, are in a nervous state, so can’t answer your question. Today we play the fourth play. I’m very excited.

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