In Moscow said goodbye to actor Alexander Shavrina

On Tuesday, January 2, relatives, friends and colleagues of honored artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Shavrina in the last journey. The farewell took place in the theater. VL. Mayakovsky, where he spent practically all his life. His funeral in the Church of the Small ascension. Alexander Shavrina did not 30 Dec at 7 am. He passed away after enduring cancer. On 16 December he was only 57 years old.

Aleksandr Shavrin

Alexander Shavrin was born in the far East in a theatrical family. His parents were actors, worked in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. He went to enter the Moscow Theater school. Boris Shchukin, and finished it, and entered the theatre. VL. Mayakovsky. Worked there for decades, since 1982. Then he left, and in 2011 returned. Played there for about 35 roles in performances “the Life of Klim Samgin”, “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk”, “music Lessons”, “kin IV”… the Role was different. Shavrin much could, because he was a true professional. And theatre has given him much more than the movie. Many moviegoers remember Alexander Shavrina primarily on the role of Bluebeard in the musical Comedy “tales of the old wizard”, filmed in 1984, based on the works of Charles Perrault.

But the filmography of the actor were rich, although invited basically in a cameo role. In recent years, he continuously starred in the television series “Kitchen”, “Bros”, “Copernicus”, and “My fair nanny”, “Moscow. Central district”, “Simple truth”. After “Children of the Arbat” directed by Andrei Eshpai, Alexander Shavrina was invited to a small role in the film “in darkness” on the works Kuprin. In “Chkalov”, he played the writer Alexei Tolstoy. In 2011 he got interested in the role of Vice-President of the USSR Gennady Yanayev” in the film “Boris Yeltsin. Three days in August” by Alexander Mokhov.

Starred actor and Andrei Kravchuk in the film “Admiral” in the role lukyanchikova, and also in the last picture is a classic of Soviet cinema Vladimir Motylja “Crimson colour of a snowfall”. The most interesting that I played the role of Chekhov’s Tuzenbach. There are in the filmography Shavrina and painting “Bastards” by Alexander Atanesyan on the novel by Vladimir Kunin, caused at the time of the scandal. Vladimir Menshov even ripped on stage, the envelope with the name of the winner at the ceremony one of the awards. He did not like that the jury’s choice fell on “Bastards”, telling offensive, as many thought, the orphans of the great Patriotic war, in fact, sentenced to death. In 2004, Alexander Shavrin has played a cameo role of the pathologist in “Driver for Vera” Paul Chuha. In the “Leader ratnakara” Yegor Anashkina on a story by O’henry he got a small role of the school principal. It was a contemporary response to the legendary Soviet film “the ransom of red Chief”.

Alexander Shavrina had a lot of works based on good literature, which he knew and loved, felt her style on stage and in film. He worked with the musician Maxim Leonidov on musicals “Loser” based on the novel by Valentin Kataev”, “Journey of Nils”, “Cream. Jam and Boogie-woogie,” wrote the libretto, was responsible for the literary Foundation.

For 20 years, Alexander Shavrin was married to actress Anna ardovs, which in early 2017 parted, retaining friendships. Together they raised their daughter Sophia Ardova, became an actress. They had a son Anton, also chose the acting career.

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