Mother-in-law scalped resident Lebedyan’: “What man will stand the”

The mother of a resident of Lebedyan in Lipetsk region, whose ex-wife accused of beating and attempting to cut her scalp in the presence of a child, gave an interview to journalists. The woman said that the son told her about his innocence, and that it is currently not known where he is.

The Victim Larissa. Photo: social networks

The resident Lebedyan Larissa announced on the social network that was beaten by her ex-husband. She reported that the ex-spouse was trying to get to her house, when she would not let him, so he kicked the door and jumped on her, hit her in the abdomen, and then with a knife cut off a piece of skin from the scalp. All this happened in front of the child. The victim also stated that the ex-husband was beating her head against the wall, threatened to throw out the window and tried to rape her. To fend him off was only after the intervention of the grandmother, who forced the man to leave the house. His statement, a young woman accompanied by video clips and photos of his face: he can see the black around both eyes.

The story resonated because of its coverage of local Deputy Andrey Trofimenko. The Investigative Committee in the Lipetsk region reported the conduct of the preliminary investigation. After that journalists began to look for all participants in the drama, someone managed to contact relatives of the suspect. He is on the run.

The mother is the former husband of the victim talked to journalists “the Fifth channel”. On camera, the woman stated that the ex-wife of her son alleged she gave the reasons for aggression. “It was pandemonium,” so the mother of the suspect described a period when the couple lived together with her.

“I’m on my knees begging: “don’t go near her.” She wrote to him, calling him out. I don’t know, probably, want to disrupt the money – said the woman. – I told her she was a month ago wrote: “Larissa, well, you can’t be seckau. Well, if you pozostanie” … She lives at the instruction of mothers, grandmothers, his head no”.

The suspect’s mother recognized that her son’s difficult nature, but she insists that he was provoked: “What man will stand, if you rushed? It must be quite a sucker”. The woman also accused the former daughter-in-law to use obscene language.

She told journalists that she was forced herself to ask the girl to leave, because in such circumstances could be: “I am at work already and could not walk. The team saw, what I went”.

The woman said that she did not know where her son is. On the phone he allegedly said.

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