On the “Golden globe” expected “widow” and new revelations of sexual harassment

January 7 in Los Angeles will host the 75th award ceremony “Golden globe”, which is annually awarded by the Hollywood foreign press Association. Traditionally, it takes place just before the announcement of the nominees Oscars, which this year is scheduled for January 23. The Association consists of about 90 people. On this anniversary ceremony will summarize 2017. Hollywood Actresses are going to come in black, like widows. So they will Express their protest against sexual harassment by producers and colleagues.

photo: AP

In Los Angeles – warm and Sunny, so that the stars, despite the mournful tone, will appear in all the splendor of their toilets, decollete and diamonds. But who knows what this will evolve. The female half of the Hollywood feel strongly about it, but like-mindedness in it.

Fight against influential people in the film industry, himself striving for the Actresses, is gaining momentum. The list of tyrants grows. And began his miserable and seemed to be all powerful and unsinkable Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Not only that, he lost his job from him after the scandal left his wife. Then went to actors Kevin spacey and Dustin Hoffman. Who’s next? They may well be anyone at the ceremony. Ladies clearly up to something.

Actress rose McGowan, who accused Weinstein of rape, recently fell on Meryl Streep. She learned that Grande Dame of Hollywood is going to appear at the ceremony “Golden globe” in all black. Here rose and said that Meryl knew everything, but remained silent. After that there were posters with the image of the Strip on which the mouth of the actress taped a strip with the words “She knew”. Knew and kept silent about the humiliation of their colleagues. In General, the name of one of the films “Dark times”, presented in the nominations “Golden globe”, is very suitable the upcoming ceremony.

And while Hollywood activists began collecting funds for the support of victims of sexual harassment and intend to provide legal assistance not only Actresses, but also Housewives, waitresses, all women in the U.S. who are victims of violence. Already collected 13 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Meryl Streep is nominated in the category “Best actress in a drama” for her role in “Secret dossier” by Steven Spielberg. Competition it will be: Jessica Chastain in “the Big game”, Sally Hawkins in “Form of water”, McDormand in the movie “Three Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” and Michelle Williams in “All the money in the world”. All extremely bright and serious work.

In the category “Best dramatic film” presents five paintings, “Dunkerque”, “Call me your name”, “Secret dossier”, “water”, “Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri.” Experts predict the victory of “Dunkirk” by Christopher Nolan – the author of the trilogy “the Dark knight”, the films “inception” and “interstellar”. It is presented in the nomination “the Best Director”. “Dunkerque” was shot by several countries – the US, Britain, France and the Netherlands. Was actually filmed in new Zealand, with its endless sandy beaches. It tells about the historical events of the Second world war, when it was rescued more than three hundred thousand soldiers of the allied forces during the operation in Dunkirk. Out of the trap on the beach they were taken, dozens of small ships. Came to the aid of hundreds of ordinary people. Nolan has directed a very effective and almost perfect picture. The theme of Dunkirk operation affected in the movie “Dark times” Joe Wright, known for recent adaptation of “Anna Karenina.” The role of the 65-year-old British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in his new film played first-class actor Gary Oldman, nominated for “Golden globe” in the nomination “Best actor in a dramatic film.” Interestingly, he starred in Nolan’s trilogy “the Dark knight”. Oldman had a chance to play historical characters including the composer Beethoven. Viewers know him for the role of godfather to Harry Potter, the movies of Luc Besson’s “Leon” and “Fifth element”. Oldman himself says: “I have long been interested in the personality of Churchill. I am sincerely convinced that he was one of the greatest politicians in the history of mankind. Despite this, I didn’t see myself in this role. Many years ago I was invited to play Churchill, but I refused. And it’s not psychological or intellectual complexity, but a simple physical physique. Look at me and Churchill.” But Joe Wright Gary Oldman did and has done incredible work: “I had to convince myself that I can speak with the voice of Churchill. So I got recordings of his speeches, armed with a tape recorder and started experimenting. I wanted to achieve full similarity, psychological and intellectual. I wanted to build your character like an insurmountable wall – brick by brick. I went through a ton of documentation and listened to a lot of speeches to understand that this 65-year-old policy was a sea of energy.” The makeup of the actor made up, almost half his own weight. But in order to remove required each time for two hours. People who worked with Oldman on the set, admitted that they have ran down my spine when they were near to “the real Churchill”.

The list of nominees is huge. It includes TV category. In the category “Best foreign language film” presents “Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev.

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