“Over the Christmas holidays forgot the school”: advice about soft children’s education

“During the winter holidays children should rest,” – says the majority of parents. We don’t start frantically working on their own at midnight, what do the students worse. However, practice shows that the younger the child, the easier it is to knock it out of the training rut. How to avoid it, while not spoiling the child celebrations, we asked teachers and psychologists.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– The idea is that the holidays, of course, is given to children for recreation, but if all pull on the brakes, my bully then another month would twiddle and re-involved in the study, explains Alice, the mother of a fifth grader. Directly to force the son for at least an hour a day to revise the school material is unrealistic, so you have to make tweaks.

First I try to the holidays to choose the most interesting books, from which he will not want to off yourself. We have visited a variety of useful workshops, educational exhibitions and museums. And dad especially makes up for it new year’s Olympiad problems that they solve together.

The son constantly whines that he’s bored, and brains do not have time to fully relax over the Christmas holidays. Does it have a feeling that all children have a rest, but his vacation was forced to plow Papa Carlo.

Diana, the mother of a third grader, on the contrary, convinced that children need to do in a vacation is just what they want to do it yourself, otherwise you can only produce a schoolboy aversion to learning, which even in legal holidays no escape.

“The only thing I think is important, is wherever possible to try to save for a child’s usual mode of day. says Diana. – Of course, new year’s eve is the exception. But other days is to put the student to sleep no later than one hour after the normal departure to the sleep training routine. Otherwise, go back to school will be as difficult as after a three-month summer vacation.

And the curriculum is designed so that in January accelerated pace beginning to learn new material and spend the time to bring class to the feeling after the holidays,” says Diana.

Teachers believe that the question of whether or not to force kids to do on vacation, is fully in the competence of the parents and depends largely on the personality and achievement of each individual child.

– Of course, there are children who study easy, but, unfortunately, the minority, says Junior school teacher Lydia krinkin. – I personally recommend at least a little to do on the holidays parents of almost all students.

At first, the parents and the children themselves were angry at me because most teachers will not go to the students during the holidays even with the recommended classes.

But after nachalki, in 5th grade, when teachers no homework for the holidays, the adults saw to what consequences this leads most students. Immediately after the beginning of the new quarter guys picked up twos and threes, and the recovery of forgotten material took much more time than would spent to hours of classes a day during the holidays.

Senior students who are facing final exams is generally better not to relax. Idleness after a heavy load often leads to the fact that students almost spring can’t get back into the swing of things and dramatically pass in progress. No wonder the 3rd quarter in Soviet times was considered the most difficult.

Now, many are trying to impose the Western idea that a kid should always be a pleasure. I totally disagree with it in the first place study — this is a great work, to which children often have to force.

Review a child psychologist Yulia Krotova: “Modern children are very different from their parents. Now more and more scattered guys with a bad memory, which is very difficult to concentrate. In this regard, it is very difficult every time to go back to school, even if they are only two weeks beat thumbs.

If fall and spring vacation, the children at least go in circles, but during the Christmas holidays usually prefer to relax and the teachers themselves. So that the reins need to take the hands of parents.

Really need from adults is not so much, just to diversify your vacation and make it more informative and useful for the child. Importantly, small classes during the holidays has not caused student aggression was not associated with the everyday grind, otherwise they will not bring any benefit”.

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