The brutal murder of human rights activist near Kiev: 200 lawyers stormed the police Department

On Tuesday, January 2, about 200 people gathered for a rally outside the police Department in Kiev region after discovering a day earlier the body of the missing human rights activist Irina Mostovskoy. The last case, which was led by a woman, it was a fatal accident at the fault of a relative of a local official, the victim of which was the sister Mostovskoy.

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In September 2015, in the village Demidov, Vyshgorodskiy district, Kyiv region there was an accident in which killed a 26-year-old Svetlana Apatinska, sister Mostovskoy. The culprit of the accident was the nephew of the Chairman of Vyshgorod district court Dmitry rossoshansky. According to media reports, subsequent examination showed the presence in his blood of drugs.

Noskowsky was personally involved in the conduct of the case. It took her two years to punish the offender only in 2017, the young man was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. In this case the relatives Moskovskoy stated that she repeatedly received threats from relatives of the defendant.

“His friends repeatedly threatened to Irina violence, — quotes the edition of “the Facts” journalist Vladimir Timofeya, who knew the family of the deceased. — Chased, intimidated neighbors once beat his daughter Irina Nastya. Irina told me that in her house throwing firecrackers … At the last hearing on the case concerning the murder of her sister the father of the defendant said: “You will die badly!”

According to the journalist, Noskowsky was not afraid of threats, since it is not believed that these people really will go to extreme measures.

Irina Noskovskaya went missing on December 29. January 1, her body was discovered in the river in the same village Demidov, where a relative of the official crushed to death her sister. The woman had no clothes on – only a bra and jewelry. The exact cause of death is not yet known, but the sources of local media in the investigation was informed that on the woman’s neck were stab wounds. Irina Moskovskoy left a daughter and elderly mother.

Day 2 January, in front of the police Department of Kyiv region gathered about 200 people – lawyers, human rights activists, bloggers, relatives of the deceased. Representatives of the regional police Department told the crowd that the investigation into the murder Mostovskoy is active, are questioning… One of the protestors lashed out with his fists at the audience addressed to the chief of regional police cupola. After a short scuffle, the policeman continued talking to the audience and including said Noskovskaya not addressed to militiamen with the statements about the threats.

“The case of murder of lawyer Irina Moskovskoy not only shocking cruelty. And and total prognosti law enforcement system, – noted Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gnap. – Rossosh – not major in the classic sense. He went to the Lanos, which committed the fatal accident. Live is not very rich, in an ordinary house in a village near Vyshgorod. Yes, there are uncle – judge district court. But not really very powerful…”

Among those who came to protest to the police Department there were people with placards demanding the resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

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