Ukrainian lawyers about the murder of Irene Mostovskoy: country removed from Europe

For Ukraine, 2018 began with the discovery in the pond near the village of Demidov in Kyiv region exposed corpse of the lawyer Irina Moskovskoy that went missing on December 29. According to the preliminary version, the woman paid for her professional activity, she is survived by her daughter and elderly mother. In this regard, the West has threatened Kiev “Magnitsky list”, and Ukrainian activists demanded the resignation of interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

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In connection with the tragedy criminal case under article “murder”. Relatives of the deceased said that on 30 September 2015 in the same village drunk nephew of the Chairman of Vyshgorod district court Dmitry rossoshansky hit and killed a sister Nestorovski Svetlana. Two years the woman tried to seek justice in court, for which she was periodically threatened with death by the father and friends of the accused. During the trial, the daughter Moskovskoy beaten and their house is pelted with firecrackers. Despite this, in June 2017 Rossoshanskiy still sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, and on 27 December the court rejected the appeal of lawyers of the murderer.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the incident with Mostovskoy is a challenge for the whole of Ukraine and a test for the Ukrainian society in the ability to protect women activists. However, the investigation is not in a hurry to pull all the dogs in close to Rossoshanskiy. Instead, law enforcement authorities interrogated the former fiance of the murdered Vitaly Sergeyev, with whom she recently separated. According to the man, he passes on business as the witness, but to testify refused to testify against yourself.

Whoever the killer was, 2 January, about 250 people staged a rally near the main administration Napolli in Kiev. They accused security forces of failing to protect its citizens, and demanded a meeting with Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and the resignation of interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

At the U.S. Embassy in Kiev also called for early disclosure of the case. Even the British financier William Browder learned of the incident in Ukraine, said that all involved in the crime must either feel the full force of the law, or get into the “Magnitsky list”.

As a result, the law enforcement officials said that has been questioned in the case of resonance 50 people and the main version of the murder is still a professional activity Moskowskoy and not problems in her personal life. Besides the daughter killed and the rest of her family members were allocated the security.

Meanwhile, the “MK” has learned from the Ukrainian lawyers, as they work in the Republic:

Oksana Sokolovsky, the lawyer: “I Think the cynical and cruel murder of human rights activist. All these events occur in the country in connection with the impunity of criminals, including those in uniform. The longer the lawyers, the lawyers will first think of his life during the defense of human rights, the more Ukraine will lag behind the countries of Europe in the legal and moral aspect. It will soon be two years since the disappearance Yury Grabovsky, and none of the real murderers are not punished on the basis of the verdict!”

Anna Boryak, Chairman of the Committee for the protection of the rights and guarantees of advocacy NAAU: “unfortunately, the statehood in Ukraine is losing its base of power. And the reality today is the power of force. The government itself has no problem to keep the legal establishment of the state, is the net merchants, they are only interested in material goods. Hence, the legislative reforms that were not needed. The law is not bad or good. Today reform is banal development grants. And so it was difficult to work the right to a suitable use according to the previous reform – it is not well established, and there is already new, even more incomprehensible. All this leads to chaos and street clashes… Now that’s on stage collapse legislative advocacy. Therefore, lawyers who get in the way for hungry for even more benefits and power of the people, removed physically. The authorities do not like noise and exposure. Is not over-lawyer Grabowski and a number of human rights defenders who have left for performing their professional duty, as well as Irina. These people simply paid for their civic position. Civil society, which was born on the Maidan, have not yet spoken. All over him”.

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