Died in the clutches of the Panthers maid may have been drunk

Daily feeding of a carnivorous animal in the small zoo in the Istra district ended in tragedy. On Tuesday evening, January 2, in the village Updated the work of the caretaker of the wildlife, went into one of the cells to put the animals food when he was suddenly attacked by a Panther.

As reported “MK” the press-service of Main investigatory management across Moscow region, the man was found dead with multiple lacerations to the neck and back. The Panther, taking advantage of the fact that the door to the cage was open, he escaped, but was soon caught by the employees of the zoo. A small zoo with the animals was organized in a small village with a population of about a hundred residents for personal use. In mass media there was information that his master is Sergey Knyaginichev – millionaire in the aviation industry.

As he explained his vision of the situation “MK” trainers of wild cats, perhaps the man during the attack, was drunk, as these animals always let you know what’s gonna happen, and he doesn’t react. Moreover, despite the fact that the Panther could be “tomasina” is not in the first generation, it remains a predator, which can pereklinilo at any time.

Even the little cubs trying to hunt, although their mothers did not teach, – said the tiger trainer Artur Bagdasarov. – So I want to stress that the animal is not to blame. The employee had to verify that the Panther is in a cell, and the direct contact he has with it. In General, such Pets are not uncommon. In the suburbs especially a lot, who keeps feral cats. Now among the wealthy fashionable to give each other the tigers and young leopards, this trend came to us from the United Arab Emirates. However, few people understand what a responsibility. And as soon as the kitten grows, it is trying to take to the circus or the zoo.

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