“I thought the charge damp”: as Muscovites exploding firecrackers

Law enforcement and medical services, announced the results of injuries in the first three days of new year holidays. The number of victims of firecrackers and fireworks were few. However, among those who were injured, are children.

So day 31 December due podrostkovyh pranks in the Morozov children’s hospital was hospitalized 11-year-old Muscovite. According to her friends, girl friends threw a firecracker in her hood, and she managed to get her out. The charge exploded right on the clothes, the baby’s hair began to smoke. The incident occurred on the street Brateevskaya.

After midnight immediately from several places in the city received information about the injuries caused by fireworks and other pyrotechnics. In Tagansky district, a young couple with children saw in the street bleeding boy 14 years. The teenager said during the kindling of the fireworks he looked inside the structure when he suddenly fired the first salvo. Next to the victims why it was not adults or friends, so the couple took him to himself, to wash and to wait for the ambulance.

At the same time in the apartment on the street Sevan there was a huge cotton. As it turned out, 50-year-old Muscovite found from the firecracker and decided to fire her right in the kitchen. The man assumed that the charge got damp and nothing will happen. With burns of the eyes it delivered in 36 city hospital.

And in the village of Sharapovo in those areas, and 31-year-old local resident decided that despite the fact that six-shot box of fireworks, much wrinkled in the trunk, a bright show for the relatives can not be undone. The man started to burn one of the fuses of the device when the charge hit him in the face. Box was “shoot” in different directions, hitting another man, but he got off lightly. Doctors of 1st city hospital had to remove pieces of firecrackers from the eyes of would-pyrotechnics, in a short time, the vision should recover.

The first day of January another firecracker exploded in the hands of a 14 year old boy on the streets of Fergana. One of his best friends is fond of improvised explosive devices, it was he who brought the young Muscovite, an unusual gift in the form of firecrackers. However, the friend did not realize that his friend with pyrotechnics can not handle, so did not explain that the gift can do, and what not. The boy was admitted to the Morozovskaya children’s hospital with burns of the cheeks and eyelids.

Stanislav YURIEV


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