Notaries are forced to verify the passport’s authenticity by ultraviolet

To show the passport of each client’s ultraviolet rays will have in the near future notaries. To oblige them thoroughly check the documents of citizens plans of the Ministry of interior. As it became known “MK”, the Department has prepared a draft Directive.

The frame of the movie “VIDEOBOOK properties” from Youtube.

All notarial offices will have to acquire special devices for checking passports for authenticity. Now, such devices are actively used by Bank clerks. Moreover, under the all-seeing rays visit not only the passports of the clients themselves, but their representatives – lawyers and lawyers. The new rules also refers to the technical parameters, which have to answer such a device. So, it should be a function of the visual control of the authenticity of the document transmitted white and reflected light. The second function of the device – scanning in ultraviolet light. But for absolute certainty the authenticity of the passport document will have to enlighten more and infrared radiation. In addition, security forces plan to provide employees of notary offices access to their closed bases. According to him, the clerks will be able to install, was there ever a passport with a series and number of who it belongs to and whether a photograph that is glued into a living document. As a result, as noted by officials, jurists won’t have to check the documents of the clients to the eye. How to explain forensics, visual differences can be only a crude forgery, made “on the knee”. Moreover, the issue itself may not each page of a fictitious passport, and only third with the picture and info of the owner. According to forensic experts, to identify fraud without any special equipment-scanners often fails on the red twisted band which frames the photo. This passport this strip with lettering must be intact, with no tearing or signs of connection. They can appear, if the photo was moving. In addition, the clearance on the reverse side the original photo on the passport must have two horizontal stripes. Other signs of forgery can only be seen on the scanner. For example, in the ultraviolet to the same third page of fake document will not appear the letters of the Russian Federation at the bottom, under “place of birth”. Also will not be a fake glow yellow and green fibers in this form are clearly visible under ultraviolet light.

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