Roman Riabtsev: “Group Technology is obsolete the century project”

Was such a heart-breaking pop ballad “Love don’t live here anymore”. However, not the group “Technology”, and Vlad stashevskii, their colleagues at once to the General producer Yuri Aizenshpis. Similarly, the Novel Ryabtsev, he said, did not remain warm feelings and no regrets about the decision to leave the once fashionable, but now covered with centuries of dust team, which, in fact, it was.

Nostalgia is dead, the synths stay in the personal collection while on stage Ryabtsev now coming out with a guitar and new songs, still romantic, but quite different. In an interview with “W.” he talked about the difference of genres, timeless and eternal music, it is terrible to start with a clean slate, and why competition in the artistic community is growing, and the professionalism of the falls.

photo: Alain Levchenko

– Roman, you’ve gone from “Technology” in 10 years, but then returned to the “native land”. Now I understand the bridges are burned completely. You will not regret it? Still, with this team you have is a life…

– Not all, but only part of it. Already since 1993, I have worked as a composer, arranger with other artists, not to mention my solo projects. In our country it often happens: at first all laugh at ABBA, and then, 10 years later, begin to exclaim how fun it was.

The same thing happened with “Technology”. We tried to enter the same river twice on a wave of nostalgic sentiment of the public, recorded an album, several singles, but as it turned out, nobody wanted it.

Often customers corporate concerts saying: “Only do not sing is nothing new, just old songs. We grew up on them, we conceive their children by “Weird dancing”. This, of course, pretty damn flattering, but when you hear it for the hundredth time, you start to feel ancient fossil, Museum piece or the younger brother of Kobzon.

I don’t want to turn into a mummy and squeaky voice to yell “push the button”. The buttons I press but not anymore. I felt that the group turns into a substance, naphthalene, all performances are reduced to participate in the disco retro radio stations, or dubious teams sessions with bands, which I personally in my charts never said and I didn’t think I’d be with them on stage. But when you get into this terrible nostalgic clip, this happens more often.

So I decided to put a fat point. I have accumulated a lot of new stuff with which you want to move on. To work on it in the context of “Technology” is absolutely impossible. Fresh tracks does not fit into the Procrustean bed of “buttons” and cold sounding synth-pop, which today kicks only a small number of fans.

If they have some of those nostalgic fans? A lot of artists complain to me in an interview that the audience is constantly asked to play “something old” and the new is the opposite applies with a large grain of salt…

– If to speak specifically about Sinti-the priest, his fans really have very little. This is evident even in the festivals, which every year arrange enthusiasts. If before such events came dozens of foreign groups, today it all turned into a sad cabal. Synth-pop has gone deep into the underground, and there he was, in General, took a well-deserved niche. Most styles are not eternal and have their UPS and downs…

For example, in the 1980s, was wildly popular speed and thrash metal. All shook their hair and they bleached your hair, and today it is gone somewhere, and heavy metal music have become very popular very different styles. Fans of old school, of course, remained, but they hid in a small parochial clubs.

I love synths, I have a whole collection… But my seven guitars is dearer to me. In contrast with those genres that were becoming obsolete, there is music out of time. This is guitar music that started rock-n-roll and where it will end.

Areas such as classical, rock-n-roll, rockabilly, Blues, classic hardrock will not disappear. AC/DC began to chop in the 1970-ies and cut the same so far. This one won’t tell them: “Guys, you are relevant.” And even if you say to them and their fans won’t care.

I then asked on the radio: “And what can you offer the youth?” Same as everyone else. I don’t have goals to work for a specific age audience is paid and domestic prostitution. Want, not afraid of big words, to create for eternity.

– What is the concept of a new solo project? Is there anything in this story is the common theme?

Modern music industry is at that stage of development when thinking of large forms — the epic albums no longer makes sense. I used to sit and thoroughly worked on the album, building songs in a certain order (for example, of Dieter Bohlen “assembled” chip — set slow third in a row), I thought about how it will develop the dynamics from track to track, creating the concept.

photo: Alain Levchenko

Today in the Internet era, klipovoy thinking and the prosperity of the different pirate services where you can find any kind of music, people usually don’t listen to albums, they listen to individual songs. They have even started to call exclusively tracks that I was, frankly, confusing: track from DJ and the book that has vocals, is a song. But I was just… Grumbles like an old man (laughs).

In General, the number one task now is the most interesting to introduce the audience to several new songs. We have already removed one clip deliberately very simple in the style of the late 1980s and early 90s, where the visuals don’t distract from the song itself and at the same time creates a certain atmosphere. I even wanted to find the camera Super VHS, but all my friends said operators that do not keep this junk. So I had to create the effect of “floating” images, as at the St. Petersburg TV 1989 year, with the help of modern software.

Now we write the scripts of the clips for another two songs and had a contest for students for the best lyric video: this format, when music just overlap some of the pictures, replacing each other, and they parallel the text appears, and it turns out that now such video most viewed on the Internet.

After a few singles we release the album. The working title is “Spring” named one of the songs. And it’s very symbolic because now I really feel a kind of rebirth after a lethargic winter sleep, which remained in recent years, the “Technology”.

– Since we’re talking about the clips when they appeared on national television, it was a gimmick. As of now, in your opinion, has changed the industry of their production in Russia?

– Judging by the result, which give many players all want to spend less money. In addition, half of the songs that the clips are removed, you basically won’t listen without a visual accompaniment. In General, affected by the General crisis. Basically all the clips quite simple, taken in the pavilion with small patches of computer graphics. There are very few story-telling. I want to do exactly this.

– Start with a clean sheet in 20 years, and in adulthood are two different things. You are not afraid?

– As the hero of “Wizard” – “see the target and not see obstacles”. I am one hundred percent sure that the group “Technology” is already obsolete the century project. We fulfilled our task, in the history of the left, and rough Granny on, to convulse I do not see any sense. I already had several performances with fresh material, and I feel the response. I see, for example, how people heard the song for the first time in the third chorus start to sing along. So, it’s catchy, and I’m moving in the right direction. And then, frankly, why be afraid? All the hits of “Technology” – “Press the”, “Sooner or later”, “Strange game”, “half an hour” – I wrote. It is not difficult for me. I don’t depend on any third-party authors, poets, arrangers all myself in my Studio. I have collected a great group of musicians. Among them, for example — Oleg Abramov, guitarist “Leaden fog”, which we played 20 years ago. So we are slowly getting ready for the big solo concert in Moscow in the spring, which, in fact, will be a presentation of my solo project.

– When you started your long journey in the music world were different moods and protest rock, and psychedelic avant-garde. Why neo-romantic scene?

I never wanted to sing the front page of the newspaper, as it liked to do many groups in the late 1980s. “And the store does not have sausage-s-s! And I have zanolini underwear-s-s!”, – when I spoke at the first Voronezh rock festival, such material there was 90 percent. My hair stood on end.

I was brought up on Western music, and in songs by such artists of the new wave, like Duran Duran, New Order, Alphaville, if there were political notes, very occasionally. Everything was beautiful, neoromanticism… Russian music I listened to in 15 years, and it was “Aquarium”, which I loved since forever.

Besides “Train on fire” and several compositions, in which Boris in veiled, allegorical form raises political issues, he didn’t have such things. BG politics never climbed. Actually, I think that it is the prerogative of journalists, bloggers…

I can go through these questions on his page in the social network, but singing about it will not, and it’s not the age. Even when I was young and hot, I too was drawn to this area. I believe that music should bring people joy. If, as we have said, people were conceiving children by “Weird dances” it is terrible to imagine that they have to do it under some kind of politicized aggressive Manifesto, and some infernal creature at the end could be born.

– However, the musicians also do not live under a glass cover. How does the creative person’s reality? And how can you protect yourself from its negative effects?

– It depends entirely on the ability to maintain internal balance and to filter the information. I’m still not 20 years old, and I have learned from reading the news, each time not to faint, but just look at it from the outside and concludes, “Well — the end is even closer. What are we supposed to do? Neglected and waltz”. I just see a lot of people who acutely on all react, and eventually go crazy, stand with placards on the picket lines, met another end of the world. Act like they absolutely do not want. I have my own life, its goals and objectives. And now for me the most important thing — it’s a new start as a solo artist. Me nothing can mislead or distract, no near-Earth meteors and asteroids.

– Whether there is in Russia today, in your opinion, what is the musical community, or would you prefer individualists?

– There are some clans, parties that gather around certain composers, producers or musicians. The unified music community does not exist. Previously, there were rock clubs, but they died. Today every man for himself: we have a no, but capitalism, let and constructed based on the book “dunno on the moon”. Everyone is fighting for their place under the sun.

– What is the level of competition?

– Is actually quite high, because the simplification and cheapening of the process of music production has led to the fact that today every schoolboy pumped pirated software and programs from the Internet, could write a track and be an artist. The same synth-pop in the 80s was the domain of the wealthy aesthetes, who could afford to buy a synthesizer, but today people just use a ready-made set of sounds. But this usually has no relationship to creativity. That is, the competition is high, but the level of professionalism drops.

– There is another problem: tons of music slag is very difficult to find something worthwhile. In this situation, how to be listeners and artists?

And so, and others have not just. The idea is identifying something interesting and worthwhile could do music portals and radio stations. But on the radio twist that is either like its owner or makes a profit. There are rare occasions when artists become popular only thanks to the Internet. So there was Peter Nalich, Igor Rasteryaev… In fact, I will be banal, but talent will find its way. If you really have something interesting, sooner or later it will be demand.

– You find some interesting young performers?

– Yes, for example, the group “Hardly”. The guys play very good, pleasant enough hard rock. I even advertise them on their pages in the Internet. The problem with many young teams is that they are difficult to invent catchy names. Generally, I send a lot of music, and the pearls, of course, you have to catch from piles of manure.

– You have had experience abroad. Had the urge to drop everything and stay there?

– No. You know, to understand a woman, you need to think like shoes. Same here: for example, work in France, where I recorded the album, need to grow up in that cultural environment or at least hold it for a long time. The French music market, on the one hand, close to our the fact that the emphasis there is on the text component, on the other — it’s very specific. So that working abroad was for me just experience. But I sometimes interesting collaborations with overseas artists. For example, right now we are recording a duet with the Greek singer whom he met by chance in the summer in Moscow at the Greek festival. The song appears in several versions — in her native language, English and a mixture of Russian and Greek.

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