The author of the song-“plagiarism”: the attack on planned Pugachev, is ready to take a polygraph

In Pugachev seized, of course, a stranglehold. For the second year in a row. Now the attack takes place on new year’s premiere of the song Diva “I flew,” which has accused not in the “old-fashioned” or “suckage”, and shaped, well, pardon me, “plagiarism”.

I flew, flew, flew / Through the fire and the rain. Only the sky a huge little /
Without you, without you, without you. Alla Pugacheva, the frame of the Christmas program of the First channel.

Last year at the origin of the noise and DIN because of the “hateful” Christmas musical television stood a obscure Rostov blogger, whose name, then flushing brightly in the sky of the scandal as quickly and safely forgotten, as well as a famous composer, producer and shaped guru Max Fadeev, who, of course, not forgotten and, hopefully, a long time will not be forgotten. After all he is the Grand strategist of fashion and good music.

But then the arguments about the General “decline” of show business somehow quickly seized on the claims solely to Ms. Pugacheva. Arrows are very quickly transferred simply to the fact of its “all boring” existence. Why, they say, was why they sang, why sang what they sang, but still all dressed up on new year’s eve-that night! Interfere with, you know, people quietly udatsya a traditional Russian salad of nesanktsionnymi rot but to revel in counterfeit booze to the usual memory loss.

This year g-n Fadeev, however, not expressed. Maybe this time he enjoyed it. Great! Christmas Musafir do something which was as renovated altogether postcard views of Moscow. Although it would be some frivolous and even hypocritical exaggeration to say that the appeal of the President in the interval between Loboda and Leps are interspersed with “Hands Up”, the singer of Fame and other pop establishment is fundamentally something different from all the previous variations. Because in any case it was certainly not the cosmically unreal, not human design, the fireworks over the Thames under a refined, thoroughbred, truly contemporary and yet eternal, powerful and meaningful music CHIC, nyle Rogers, Pharrell Williams…

But the worst thing happened. After all the renovations, nationwide surveys, polls, almost referendums in new year’s eve broadcast again leaked, this is Joe. Well, in spite of all! It immediately became clear: just like with the first cock coming new year’s morning is not over. It is not over.

To replace silent, Mr. Fadeev was taken up by the author and artist of no less calibre – Igor Saruhanov. Not one. With a small support group of well-known figures and big as always, a crowd of hitherto unknown, sometimes even anonymous bloggers network and other plankton. “I would not say that it was a good gift for New year for me, mourning said Mr. Saruhanov and even strengthened on the code dramatic effect – I’m still in a trance over there.”

The reason for the TRANS? Alla Pugacheva with a new song “I fly.” Why waste time on trifles and on trifles?! According to Mr. Sarukhanov and songwriter-satirist Alexander Volya is writing the author Oleg Vladi similar to their “Invented love”, written and performed many years ago. Mr. Vulich, who was the first and made this discovery immediately after the Christmas television, quickly removed, however, the post from the social network. But the interview has already been distributed and the country, as is always the case with Pugacheva, once again plunged into the maelstrom of the scandal erupted.

Remembered past “shoals”: the song “War” in 2015, suddenly “peresekaetsya” textbook “White roses” “Tender may”, or verses of the same unhappy all of max Fadeev, “Thanks, love” means zero, when there is a suspicion that the author is not indifferent to The Winner Takes It All, the great heritage of the group ABBA and, most likely, were not informed about this very performer.

But in those cases it came down to sweet jokes-jokes, fun jokes and good-natured sarcasm, making everyone’s mood is just up. But here and now, like everything else in the country, snapped suddenly contorted with anger grimaces, flashes of hate in an evil little eyes and other aformidable. Horror a nightmare!

Composer and songwriter Oleg Vlady, having a reputation, still untainted by any scandals, and popular author in his Luggage hits the top performers, in turn, is also angry, from unfair and false, in his view, the accusations, what he just said in an exclusive interview with “MK”.


– Oleg! First, congratulations on the Premier of the song “I fly”! However, to a barrel of joy mingled, as always, a tub of tar. “The victim of plagiarism” Igor Saruhanov says that robbed you. Now, apparently, it’s your turn to speak – as the offender. Although, to be honest, I personally pereslushav both along and across the track, found that drama rather no than it is…

– First of all, I would like to ask authors who make some claim to be left alone Dolly parton. We like to shift the focus on the performers, because they mean, they are the face we present to the song.

– And poispolzovat not anyone anyhow, and the Alla as a springboard for a media scandal – chance th-th-th, isn’t it?

– It has nothing to do with it. It was an original part to which the contractor is in principle not relevant. Therefore, claims the singer, in my opinion, ugly and unprofessional. May make claims against the author, which they called “some” and “a”…

– Well, yeah, it’s funny – “a”, given your track record and Luggage works for “first persons” of today’s pop…

But, apparently, not so effectively would get. I can say as to the spirit of what the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love” in question, I first heard of January 1, 2018, when actually the whole story started. It is not a difference between generations, not that it’s not my favorite artist, but just never before she did not come across. If need be, ready to confirm in any polygraphs and detectors. For me, this “discovery” was like a bolt from the blue.

In his time the composer Igor Matvienko put forward the theory of the “commonplace musical sequence,” which, according to him, sometimes leads to “unintended allusions” in music…

– I would not use a known rhetorical device that music, say, only seven, and so let’s all justify. But apparently, there are some simple melodic and harmonic passages, which tend to be the same. But there are long-established my reputation, although I still think “young author” – from the very first song “Heaven” Anita Tsoy and then, to my songs with Lo, Christina Aguilera, Emin, Katya LEL, Nikolai Baskov, with Svetlana Loboda, the song which “down with love” has covered the whole country last year. Now with Ani Lorak came the release of “New ex”… And no one ever questions my authorship and its truth. And especially it would be strange that at the time of my cooperation with Alla Pugacheva, with the top of our platform, I would be preparing a song for her, suddenly, for no reason took and borrowed a piece of verse from the song fifteen years ago Igor Saruhanov.

Really, sounds more comical than tragic.

– With all due respect, sorry…

– But compared.

– I think, confusing rhythmic pattern, which is there, which may be the same as the number of syllables used in a musical phrase. But harmony-that has not been canceled! It turns out that the coincidence “found” at the level of rhythm, the used Lada. But just as you can then say that the chorus of the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love” is similar, for example, the chorus of the song of Igor Nikolaev “Raspberry wine”. Yesterday I specifically listened to several times. The chorus is the center of the song, a bright highlight, that we sing. And the verse after all this is the entrance to song. And the main claim often apply specifically to the choruses, this is a stumbling block.

– Life is filled with the sounds, they sit in the subconscious mind, penetrate into the us unnoticed… Even ABBA “caught” plagiarism of the classics of XVIII-XIX centuries…

– There are plenty of examples, but I would not want to continue this enumeration, to involve other people, because you have to answer for yourself. I respect and Igor Saruhanov and poet Alexander Volya, and George Vine, who of course also did not reply…

Well, as the Vine could stay away from fried!

The only thing I found unpleasantly strange about this story is how synchronously suddenly the whole reaction followed. After the song fell suddenly on Christmas night. Was quite a detailed teaser with a chorus and a verse that is very powerful was advertised a few days to live in the most Prime blocks, even the program “Time”. They say that they had heard these fragments, but no statements somehow did, and waited, it turns out, the new year’s broadcast. And then simultaneously with the first review Vulich began to appear other comments on the Internet about this, and with empty accounts – that is, there wasn’t any other publications, except for this message. It showed me the fans Alla, who began to monitor the situation. We live in an amazing and wonderful world where often much just happens, and usually for the kind of stories that massively and suddenly erupt, usually someone standing.

– What horror! Look in the eyes of this villain! On the other hand, it shows how the Alla still does not leave people indifferent. She always got not only a million roses, but all them spikes – pardon the banality. And what is happening only confirms that the song “I fly” became the main musical premiere of the New year, isn’t it?

– I agree. Everything was done very cool – I mean the whole team, which informally approached to do the musical numbers, including the number of Alla. Stylistically very cool all done, this dramatic effect: colorful, wildly decorated holiday city and black-and-white singer, who is as if in their own separate universe, exists outside of any surrounding context.

– Absolutely! By the way, because last year’s hysterical about again, it was her new year’s broadcast Alla, it seemed, wanted to do an eloquent silence this time. But something made her change her mind. The song like?

– Honestly, I have no idea. The song is actually quite a long time she lay about one and a half years already. Thanks Alisher (stylist and musician), this song was given to her and was waiting in the wings. And, apparently, it was decided that the time has come to present the New year.

– You wrote on his page on the social network that Alisher lit up the song when she heard, immediately offered to show alle…

– There was absolutely other text. It was a story of another parting, which I love to write, parting is very tragic, fatal, about how it broke up and now is unhappy. Alisher said melodically – it is absolutely the story of Alla, but let’s say, will rewrite the text in some more life-affirming way, not just happy, but in the sense that fate was difficult, but eventually all became happy, live in harmony and positive. At first I objected, saying that the song came to me on a whim like that and I’m not sure of attempts to rewrite something good. He replied that, of course, can to show it in this form, but it is sure that then will have an absolute failure. Because somber mood covers papinou melody, going still up, in a positive tone, and the sad words they shut down. These images Alisher inspired me, and surprisingly quickly I made these changes. The text has been rewritten almost completely except for the first lines: “Long stretches of this road, the Sun is heading…”, the soundtrack recorded and in this way the song was sent to the court of Alla.

– You are suspected of plagiarism music, and no doubt with the name of the song? The “Brilliant” still “I flew” is one of the most iconic hits…

Well, if you look at how the names of songs used words such as “love”, “happiness”, “separation” etc. There was still a history of flight attendants, which “flew”, sometimes descending from the clouds to his earthly lover, and here it is story about the bird singing, which is arbitrary, rebellious, soaring and so the lady of lightning. There’s no escape – from the history of Alla, from cultural heritage, it has established over the years on what we all grew up with. And we came up with this thing – “I flew Alla, Alla”, which probivaetsya in the backs. I wanted to throw a kind of a bridge from the old song “Tired of Alla” to a new state, when Alla is not tired, she flew, flew to us flew beautifully and continues to do so. And this flight – here it is all in this song.

– Alisher directly by some grey Eminence patched, like Suslov to the CPSU Central Committee – nothing negative, one positive. “How long have I been singing from the pain, and now I sing love…”. And here I Alla said that, when all is well, she doesn’t sing anymore. It’s basically a – person, singer and actress deeply dramatic nature. It is clear that she is now bathed in love and happiness, singing about the beloved husband, happy family harmony and may God bless them all to live in this happiness for a long time and happily! But in the Golden Fund of music was still her dramatic masterpieces inaccessible heights and depths. And Alisher here made you from heartfelt drama to make ode to joy. Do you regret it?

– I agree with your remark. But regardless of the creativity of Alla will ask: how many happy, fun, positive songs remains in our soul, that is, on years? And how much is left in our heart songs with which we relate our life experiences, tragedies, drama, defeat, overcome? These songs really left a much bigger mark as accompanied by empathy, experience, emotional outbursts. Any fun positive song, by definition, inferior dramatic work. But back to Alla Borisovna, I agree that her strength was always that she was treating our wounds with their songs, these little stories about the tragedies and dramas of the heroines of her songs, and every one of these stories I heard something, found answers or just empathized.

Is the first your song “turn key” for Alla, but you were also the co-author of the song “That’s all” with his text, and the music was then composed herself Pugacheva…

– It was five years ago on “Christmas meetings”… In the creative plans of the artists are difficult to penetrate with his songs, especially because all of them have me born unpredictable, often inexplicable and sometimes at the wrong moment. If there is some kind of dramatic song that can come to Alla Borisovna, I will, of course, happy.

– Do you have a favorite Allina song? I understand that is a difficult question…

– Analyzing the work of Alla, but not knowing some of the nuances of how it all went from point a to point I, how much time it took and that it was done, but seeing and hearing only the result, it just feels like one big fabulous miracle. My first impressions of songs of Alla appeared in a totally insane the child’s age. It was the album “Come and say” that’s enough complex compositions, monumental things with poems Akhmadulina, Reznik, music of Alla. Even for the perception of adults it was a multi-layered and complex works, and for a young child even more so. But I remember my condition when I could not break away from the player, from this album, on the strength of the impact of this music. And the most powerful, perhaps, the impression for many years left me with the song “Airplanes fly.” This is the first thing that came to mind when you asked the question.

Lots of planes flew away since then, but… But a lot flew. Here, the sound producer Anatoly Lopatin, having started magnusa at that time the arrangement of the smash hit “Gently falling leaves” permanency process of renovation of sound Alla, managed to still keep the original and homespun that Pugachev has always done Pugacheva. But often went to the brink. In the current work he traditionally had not denied the richness arranger frills and fancy loops. You as the author satisfied with the result?

– It’s even exceeded my expectations. The Tolley has an amazing flair for the adequacy of the arrangements for this song. There is always a chance and an opportunity to pereaminirovanii, twist those knobs in either direction to primogeniti a song that can, completely and requires no. And his work always turns what can be called music the Golden section. I had a very blurry view of a possible arrangement of this song, while Roofing’t have taken the job. I even argue with what did not, because he’s not just decided, but as a master of his craft, saw that this song was asking such an electronic, aggressive, energetic musical force that was embodied in the arrangement. String party, which starts the whole composition is, of course, the impression from the first seconds. I have frost went through the skin when I heard. His mastery of course, he is a recognized genius and my words in this process would be even meaningless.

Although the main arrangement Pugacheva always remains her voice. He seems, too, continues to become younger… so Many surprises and New year all in one song!

– With many artists I have discussed the writing process while working on the songs. It is very important emotionally to plunge into the atmosphere of the work, not just to record and make a song organics, so that was convincing and she believed the listener. Of course, there are some gadgets and Studio tricks to record vocals. Alla Borisovna sung so many songs over the years that it would seem could on the machine, not really actually straining, “otselot” the nut. But I felt like it was all in the sound, song and energy in this story. The dip happened and, apparently, otherwise she can’t even, is like. So got this sound, this voice is at the limit of this inner nerve. I agree with you that the vocals in this song is just fire.

We can only state the obvious – the song became an ornament of the New year new year’s broadcast and festive table. And those who do not understand, only themselves ruined holiday…

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