“The crisis in Catalonia has cost Spain 1 billion euros

The Spanish Minister said that the region is the locomotive of the economy has become a burden

Catalan and Spanish flag on the balcony, Barcelonetta: Reuters

– The political crisis that arose in connection with the referendum on the independence of Catalonia, cost Spain 1 billion euros, said the Minister of economy Luis de Guindos in an interview with local radio.

According to him, the losses caused by the slowdown of the regional economy that emerged after holding unsanctioned by the Central authorities of the referendum on 1 October 2017.

In December, on the eve of the Catalonia regional elections, the authorities in Madrid had warned of the economic damage that may cause the country the campaign for the secession of the region. However, published on Monday by the Minister for the figures exceed even the most pessimistic estimates, according to BBC.

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According to Hindos, in the fourth quarter economic growth of Catalonia slowed down to 0.4% from 0.9%.

“Previously, economic growth in Catalonia was higher than in Spain as a whole. She was one of the drivers of the Spanish economy, he said in a radio interview. – However, in the fourth quarter, she has become a burden”.

As a result of political uncertainty, more than 3 thousand companies have already moved their offices outside of Catalonia.

Instead of trying to resolve the crisis, the December elections demonstrated the approximate equality of forces between supporters and opponents of the independence of the region, which only gives rise to further confrontation. The separatists got 70 out of 135 parliamentary seats, allowing them to form a new administration, however, the largest unionist faction of “Citizens” (Ciudadanos), scored 25% of the vote (36 seats), indicates the injustice of the electoral legislation, giving the opportunity to the separatists, receiving the parliamentary vote in sparsely populated areas, to get ahead.

Removed from his post by the leader of Catalonia Carles Putteman, which is in voluntary exile in Brussels is headed by one of the parties advocating secession of the region. Contained in the Madrid prison, his former Deputy Oriol Junqueras headed another.

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