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In Buffalo is a quarterfinal match of world hockey championship among youth teams

Archived fotofoto TASS Artem Korotaev

USA – Russia. 4:2

Hello everybody!

The Agency “Interfax”, not without pleasure, offers to all fans of hockey (and sports in General) text broadcast of the match of 1/4 final of the youth world championship. Play teams of the USA and Russia!

The match will start at 4:00 Moscow time, and it will be held in American Buffalo!

The Russians made it to the playoffs with a third place in group b and left the second team of group A, and the way (team) and team USA.

The match USA – Russia quarter-final is crowned the program of the championship. Earlier, the Czech Republic beat Finland with the score 4:3, snatching victory in the penalty shootout. Then Canada with the score 8:2 defeated Switzerland (4:3). Now playing Sweden, and Slovakia.

Already known to the Russian team!

Meet the youth team of Russia in a quarterfinal match of world Cup against team USA. Let’s start soon — at 04:00 Moscow time.

Connect to the live and cheer:

📺 Match TV
🖥 FHR.ru pic.twitter.com/fKwogsNEZQ

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) January 2, 2018.

However, the public became and the USA national team!

Here’s how #TeamUSA will line up in tonight’s quarterfinal matchup with Russia. #USAWJC 🇺🇸

📺 @NHLNetwork
Preview: https://t.co/mGHXpWnatk pic.twitter.com/aCNNUZ6SmC

— USA Hockey (@usahockey) January 2, 2018.

It looks like the locker room of the Russian team before the match

Sneak peek of Team Russia”s locker room! 👀🇷🇺 @russiahockey_en #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/rtsSwRhDGq

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) January 2, 2018.

And this is the locker room of a hockey team USA!

The last quarter-final game in Buffalo will be played between Team USA and Russia tonight. We had a quick look at the @USAHockey locker room before the players arrive. How do you like it? #WorldJuniors #WJCinBUF pic.twitter.com/goqQc7YuJ3

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) January 2, 2018.

Recall that the world hockey championship among youth teams can take part players not older than 20 years

You can also vote if you registered in Twitter. Who will win – the US or Russia? I vote left 😉

Who is gonna pick up the big “W” in the Quarter finals #WorldJuniors #worldjuniors2018

— Auston Matthews Is A Beaut (@CapMatthews34) January 2, 2018.

You don’t really understand why until after the vote remained almost the whole day. Is series potential series of bullets would last so long? I’ve got my plans were. Well, okay.

Most of the youth world Cup won the Canada – 16 times. In second place – hmmm…. well, how would you say? In General, the combined teams of the USSR, CIS and Russia – 13 times national team of the USSR – the eightfold winner of the youth world Cup, once gold took command of the CIS, four times – the Russian team. But all of this our team, of course.

Four times the championship was won by Finland and the United States, twice – Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Here I have written about the fact that there is a match Sweden – Slovakia. Not to write, what’s the score there – after all, a determined opponent of the winner of our pair! So, there is a 2:0 win for the Swedes.

By the way, wish you a happy New year!!!

Foreign colleague tweeted razblokirovka for the match – which, incidentally, is about to begin

In soccer terms, this would be described as a cracker of a match. My game of the day: @usahockey vs🇺🇸. @russiahockey_en🇷🇺 in #WorldJuniors quarterfinal action. One of international hockey”s oldest rivalries happens again. Loser goes home. #WJCinBUF pic.twitter.com/hIEjROJZJh

— Aaron Cheris (@AaronHowie) 3 January 2018

Interesting pre-match photo

Warmups over. Almost time for #TeamUSA vs. Russia. #USAWJC 🇺🇸

Puck drop coming in 10 minutes on @NHLNetwork. pic.twitter.com/43kaPoZSJa

— USA Hockey (@usahockey) 3 January 2018

Teams out on the ice!


The match is underway! Not exactly 4:00 GMT as it was announced, but still. However, at the youth world Cup of hockey so “punctuality” is stable.


Our play in red, rival, white


And on the first minute of the deletion. Unfortunately – in the Russian team. Artem Mikulin deleted


Dangerously at gate of Russians now had. Goalkeeper Vladislav Sukhachev still managed to push the puck to the ice


For fans of information about time zones

In Kaliningrad 03:08 3 January in Moscow 04:08, Kamchatka 13:08. And Buffalo still 2 Jan, 20:08. And the Russian team against the USA at the arena Key Bank centre. It’s the quarter-finals MFM-2018. Time to make some noise! #USARUS

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) 3 January 2018


USA – Russia. 1:0.


Alas, the Russian team missed. Sukhachev reflected shock from the center of the zone, but on the rebound from the right faceoff circle was, Kieffer bellows, whose biting throw the Russian goalkeeper failed.


Our, as you know, playing at full strength


In full-full, but the American team is more powerful, mostly in our area


5:0 in favor of team USA. This is a bill, the shots on goal!


Oh, the throw-in at the gate of team USA will now. The goalkeeper of the American team Joseph wall reinsured and pinned the puck to the ice


However, the Americans dealt with this “standard position” and easily got on the zone of Russian national team


Another shot on the Russian goal – by!


The official Twitter reaction to the goal against the national team of Russia

It’s a shame because it really did look like a minority will work perfectly, but the puck came to the Kiefer Bellows, and he never fails. 1:0, USA. #USARUS #U20

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) 3 January 2018

GOAL! 🚨 @BellowsKieffer scores on the power play just 2:18 into the game to give #TeamUSA a 1-0 lead!#USAWJC 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/TShXIMoGeB

— USA Hockey (@usahockey) 3 January 2018


A small scuffle at the gates of the Russian team. Although…. But is it a fight? More for a massage like


Another deletion in the part of the Russians. Klim Kostin stick was hooked over the face of Patrick Harper, in fact, causing light bleeding. It’s good that only a two-minute penalty escaped Russian


This time our more confident playing in the minority. Paid a visit to the area of the opponent, killed a part of penalty time


Equally squads play teams


USA – Russia. 1:1


COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! The Russian team bounced back!!!! The counter the cast of “external” side of the hook, with awkward hands has thrown in a near corner Marcel Sholokhov! Hurray!!!


It all happened a few seconds after came out our team on the ice previously removed from the player. The Russian team quickly left the area quickly made it to zone the opponent, but already there took place the celebration of rapid scoring team USA!


The Russian national team support

Don’t poke the bear. Let’s go Russia!! 🇷🇺 #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/R9t31QfiGh

— Scott Gardner (@ScottGardner17) 3 January 2018


And here is the replay of the goals of the national team of Russia!

1:1 – Marseille Sholokhov 👍 #USARUS #U20 pic.twitter.com/aRwrBdEzDT

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) 3 January 2018


So that we have the statistics: 11:3 – the advantage of team USA’s shots on goal


Sukhachev catches a washer after a throw of American from the blue line


USA – Russia. 2:1


Well, our missed 🙁

Skyler Yamamoto got the puck from behind the Russian gate, he struck at him, but the goalkeeper parried. Yamamoto and also picked up the puck again, then struck the empty corner of the goal


Americans removal. Two minutes left his team in the minority, Kieffer bellows. Maybe not two, maybe less long term (if our implement most)


Our foothold in the opponent’s area


But the American team does not allow the Russians to hold the combination. Washer does not stay at the gate of team USA


Equally squads play teams


And that’s not equal. Vladislav Semin (Russian) sent off for a rough reception against max Jones (almost caused him injury) and removed for five minutes. But today it is no longer play. He removed the rest of the match, our five minutes to play in the minority (5+20). Not good!


A series of dangerous shots cause Americans to our goal! The Russians can’t get the puck out of their zone


But here are our twice tried to punch the goalkeeper in counter-attacks. In one case the goalkeeper has reacted, in other – the puck flew past the gate


The last minute of a period coming!


And here is the break! Before meeting in the second period, comrades! Second period we will begin in a numerical minority


Began the second period!


We remind you that we are in the minority. Remote to the end of the match, according to the “5+20”, Vladislav Semin in the penalty box “was replaced by” Artyom Manukyan. He gets five minutes


Russians have coped with the surge of Americans in the beginning of the second period


Statistics for the first period. To view some of the details may need binoculars. But basic data on the numbers seen well

The first period is completed. So far: pic.twitter.com/AuuwsnGtCG

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) 3 January 2018


Russian team in full force!


Oh, I almost scored! Vitaly Abramov received the puck at the patch and tried twice to throw her through the visor of the goalkeeper. Both times unsuccessfully


By the way, Sweden defeated Slovakia with the score 3:2 and reached the semi-finals of the world Cup. There she will play the winner of USA – Russia.


Mikhail Maltsev completed the attack of the Russian team throw from the blue line on the right. The shot this shot was done


And will again face-off at the gate of team USA


American Tafti Riley failed to throw the puck to the Russian team, but he flew them himself!


Patrick Harper got the puck from behind the goal and without interference shot on target of the Russians. Fortunately for us, the gate of the American hockey player to get failed.


People are outraged, why the podium at the match half-empty. They really half-empty. However, the stadium “Cibank-Center” holds up to 17 thousand people. And against the background of its vastness does seem that the conditional 7 thousand (not yet counted all of them) are perceived as nothing

Seriously Buffalo? You have a half empty arena for USA v Russia quarter final match in #WorldJuniors?

— Omar Yar Khan (@OmarYKhan) 3 January 2018


Russian goalkeeper rescued his team now


And our players if you change the links went too far and earned the penalty for violation of numerical composition


Entrenched Americans in the area of Russian national team


Vladislav Sukhachev caught the puck after a shot from an acute angle


Equally squads play teams survived the Russians


Dmitry Sokolov had a chance to hit the opponent a throw in the summer. But the puck from nickle not got


Now we’ll play the most. The opponent removed Trent Frederick


Fails to our to gain a foothold in the opponent’s area, the Americans cleverly deduce the puck out of her


But that’s sort of started positional attack players of Russian national team. If I can bring it to a successful throw?


Alas, the numerical advantage the Russians did not use. Team USA is at full strength


Well by the way and so it looks rostrum. A French friend also surprised that the stands are not sold out, reinforcing the emotion of the ellipsis…

D élimination Match entre les USA et la Russie. Pourtant encore une foule horrible… #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/F21G3w4SuO

— Frederic Gagnon (@FredGagnonLHJMQ) 3 January 2018


Nearing completion of the second period. Although the remaining three (though already incomplete) minutes is an acceptable amount of playing time in order to have time to score a goal-other


But while the opponents are running around with the puck, not allowing each other to make anything sharp


But team USA removal. Scott Perunovich highly played with a stick, hitting her hook the face of our Klim Kostin. A two-minute removal


Birds were thrown from the blue line – the kick was blocked


Last minute playing in the most the Russians had a shock, made a number of shots, but the year could not achieve. Serena, who announced about the end of the period had just sounded. The teams went into the break. This example will use me. See you in second period!


We would like to inform you about the beginning of the third period. Several seconds, the Americans have been in the minority, but the penalty time has expired and now both teams – whether we like it or not – now playing in equal structures


Statistics for the first two periods (taken together) of the game:

Looking at the statistics of the second period of the quarterfinal match USA — Russia and configured for the next stretch of games: pic.twitter.com/G2czGZxwc8

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) 3 January 2018


We have been now in the attack, but the Americans brought the puck from the goal


Easy analysis of the game. The author posted so cute with our perception of photo with the Russian flag, writes that at the end of the second period, the Russian team were to equalise, but so far ahead of team USA – 2:1

Team USA leads Russia 2-1 after 2. The Russians have had the better chances late in the period. SOG favoring 33-19 USA#WorldJuniors #USAvsRUS pic.twitter.com/ORuKScOg72

— Andrew Kulyk (@akulykUSRT) 3 January 2018


USA – Russia. 2:2


YAY!!!!! The Russian team bounced back! Andrew Altiparmak got caught by the partner with the puck at the left side, burst into the area, moved to the gate (ahead of his accompanying defenders) and shot into the corner past the Keeper! Excellent!!!


And now the Russian team at most. In the American team removed Dylan Samberg


Russians spend idle time in the majority. I hope that this is a temporary fact


Now our powerfully thrown from outside the zone – shot was blocked


Equally squads play teams


So our second time equalized

2:2 – Andrew Altiparmak 👍#USARUS #U20 pic.twitter.com/KN3Z2xgyK0

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) 3 January 2018


The Americans are trying again to snatch the victory


But our hold


USA – Russia. 3:2


Unfortunately, team USA managed to score the third goal. The author’s goal was, Kieffer bellows


But there’s still time, I hope that the Russian team will be able to recoup


While the Americans “pulled” a little time in a zone of Russian national team


Stuck in our zone Americans had a combination that made her toss and washer…..


…hits the post! What a pity!!!


Melts time. Our trying to do something in the opponent’s area. Not only try, but do. However, we must understand, team USA intelligently in defence, and along with counterattack


The throw was at the gate of the Americans. Team USA not once, but brought the puck out of their zone


Time out took to the coaching staff of Russian national team headed by Valery Bragin


Six players in the national team of Russia. The goalkeeper on the ice is missing


Cast our from the blue line. Goalkeeper of the US reflected a washer, but has not fixed it. The puck is held in the American zone


USA – Russia. 4:2


Left by the Americans from the area and Joey Anderson scored into an empty net for the Russians


In addition, even Nikita Matveev earned removal. It seems that the chances of rescue are no longer…


All the final siren. Team Russia lost to the USA with the account 2:4

This concludes our broadcast! Thank you for your attention! Do not worry! Bye!!!

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