Due to abnormal warm winter in the Russian forests went mushrooms

Hope the residents of Central Russia on the fluffy snow and skiing is not justified – but came to the forest mushrooms! We learned in the Synoptics, when to wait for the snow and what’s happening in the present anomalous winter, and gardeners told us about the search of chanterelles in the woods and growing crocuses.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The temperature in Moscow and the neighboring regions about 10 degrees higher than the multiyear average January, state meteorologists all major weather services in Russia. So, according to forecasts of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation, to the end of the first week of 2018, the temperature at night in Moscow will be from 0 to -2 degrees, during the day it is expected +1 – +3 degrees. The cold snap is expected only starting from the 8th of January – Monday after Orthodox Christmas, the temperature, the forecast meteorologist, will drop to -6 degrees. Then nature for the first time this year, Muscovites will spoil the snow.

– For several days in a row in Russia recorded a record maximum temperature, – the experts of the center weather “Phobos”. For example, in St. Petersburg, the air warmed almost to +5 degrees. So the heat used to be here in early April. The snow line is now in the upper reaches of the Volga – but usually in early January, the snow must lie in the lower reaches of the don on the Azov sea coast.

As for Moscow, the weather this year really anomalous – not so much the temperature (plus marks in the winter we’re already starting to get used to), as the duration of the thaw. Two weeks plus temperature even at night – and that dropped in December of fairly heavy snow is completely melted, replaced by not even slush, and green.

“Eurosima” – say the remaining in the capital for the holidays Muscovites. Meteorologists also correct – rather, the Crimean winter: a warm wind is blowing exactly from the Black sea. Plus 1 degree in January, is the temperature typical for Simferopol.

– In the next few days the situation in the atmosphere over the Russian plain little will change – continue to the specialists of “Phobos”. Winter will continue to develop according to the Crimean weather scenario. Heat and moisture from the South will dominate in the European Russia. And only the beginning of the next week air currents will begin to unfold in the North of Rumba. Together with them, and temperatures will be closer to normal values.

Lovers of winter sports and recreation, of course, disappointed: skiing in Moscow parks are canceled indefinitely. But, unexpectedly, lucky pickers: season in the past 2017 and it lasted abnormally long, until November, and in January started a new one!

– Went for a walk in the woods, dry, beauty, and fungi found – happy cottager from Milevskogo area Alexander Paskalov. – And not the autumn, post-Dec, and the vixen this winter in General no one remembers! The basket is not scored, of course, but the bag is quite!

In other regions of Central Russia the mushroom was also lucky – in the winter chanterelles are exotic, but many places have oyster mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.

Who added headache – so it’s gardeners. The fact is that bulbous plants overwintering in the soil, because of the extreme temperatures started to grow. “Crocuses appeared from the earth in a week will beat the frost what to do, I don’t know,” says Anna Grigorieva of Taldomsky area.

On the forums of gardeners and florists give advice or to rely on the wisdom of nature (spring bulbs there is still some energy to climb), or dig up the bulbs and store in the dark. Supporters of both methods.

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