In the United States civil war Christmas

In the modern world religious holidays lose their binding to a particular religion and become secular, public. This applies, in any case, such Christian holidays as Christmas and Easter. In the 20th century they became official holidays in Europe, America, Australia. However, by the turn of the 21st century their status had questioned the absence of a strong political correctness.

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Some of its manifestations do not dare to describe as idiocy. The most innocuous of these bloopers is a specific holiday usage: instead of Christmas – “holiday season” instead of Christmas tree – a “holiday tree” etc.

But what is interesting: the statistics in America flatly denies that the “holiday political correctness” is consistent with the beliefs of the majority. According to the sociological service of the Pew Research, 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, and not “season”! It would seem that with such a huge preponderance of those who are waiting for Santa’s arrival on a reindeer sleigh, over those who do not expect any talk of the legality of celebrating Christmas is absolutely inappropriate. But drat! Discussion on this topic did not subside, and officials at all levels – from school principals to mayors and governors – just in case insure, refusing the installation of a Christmas tree and other attributes of Christmas.

This appears an exaggerated American political correctness and tolerance: we must consider “sensitive side” of any minority, even if it is a negligible part of the population. Maybe the States and are the absolute world Champions in politically correct idiocy – they successfully compete with the Swedes, who will enact the law on consent to sex (in accordance with him, even a legally married spouses must obtain “explicit consent” of the other party to the sex, before doing it, otherwise they risk to be accused of rape). But the States, too – large foremost.

In the past year, for example, in the boy scout movement United States, a new category of its members: in addition to the boy scouts and girl scouts, now there are the scouts of indeterminate sex. And that’s not to mention such distinguished people as gay and transgender. Try to avoid them in your organization – worn out by the courts, then will not pay for damages. Moreover, if a girl (definitely a female) wants to join the club of the boy scouts, which was originally intended for boys, – she also can’t refuse, sending it to the organization girl scouts!

On the eve of the Western Christmas the online edition of Public School Review, devoted to the problems of American public schools, wrote about the problems faced by school administrators during the winter holidays. And how some of them try way to deflect accusations of “insensitivity” to minorities.

In Connecticut, the city Waterbury, the elementary school principal was replaced by the annual Christmas party at the “celebration of winter”. He explained his decision by the fact that obliged to “take into account the interests of each student”: what if some student of non-Christian origin or his parents will protest against the Christian holiday? The protest suddenly came from the opposite side: two members of the district Department of education, stood up for Christians, which, they said, the headmaster was discriminated against, canceling Christmas.

Oregon elementary school principal of the city of Ashland ordered removed from the lobby Christmas tree – the reason was the complaint of one (just one!) family who thought the tree “offensive”. After the removal of the “holiday tree” fell down the protests of his supporters – because under the Christmas tree the students left a donation to the underprivileged children. One of the defenders expelled from school tree wrote that “the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.” Another said that the students and their parents who don’t celebrate Christmas, “will have to get used to Christmas symbols, if they want to function normally in American society.”

Someone wants, and someone clearly does not want to adapt to the mainstream of the country in which they settled. These people somehow believe that after their arrival in America from some foreign country where their own, are not Christian, the holidays, the American society is obliged for them to adapt and change in the non-Christian side. For example, all swimming pools must allow visitors-Muslims to swim in long robes covering the whole body. When other, the non-Muslims begin to demand that the administration put an end to this sanitation, the administration always takes the side of “oppressed minority”, and most have to endure. So – “now, everyone has their right”, said Bulgakov’s Balls. And all of us are equal, “some are more equal than others” wrote George Orwell in his social utopia-parody “Animal farm”.

That’s why school administrators in the United States give such good advice: not to do with students on the lessons of Christmas toys, and make toys, not for hanging on the tree. Santa Claus better not to paint, to sculpt, to carve wood and in General it is desirable to forget. Even stronger the need to forget the Christmas scenes with the Christ child in the manger. Desirable also interior decorations in the traditional colors of Christmas – red and green.

Similar processes can be observed in other Western countries that accept refugees and migrants, particularly from Muslim countries. In England, for example, “come in large numbers” from afar arrange something where the “Islamic patrols”, who are on the streets make comments to passers-by – you, they say, the skirt is too short, you have invalid neckline, and you did drink beer on the go! In the United Kingdom are also Islamic Sharia courts outside of the British judicial system by themselves, with the connivance of the authorities. And the apologists of the Western democracies put up with the fact that in Sharia courts, a woman does not have the fullness of the rights that it provides to British law. These courts exist as the offshore – such as foreign embassies.

From what edges have come those who in another monastery injects its Charter, the politically correct Western media is silent. Just as they are silent about the race-ethnicity of the suspects in the Commission of a crime. In America, and then hear on the radio messages of this nature: “According to the female victim, the assailant was a man of about 5 feet, 9 inches and weighing up to 200 pounds, age 30-35 years old, wearing a blue quilted jacket, jeans and a cap-a baseball cap”. Hey, people! Where is the main sign of the race of the attacker or his alleged ethnicity? This will be shamefully said, “You can see the sketch of the suspect on the website of our radio station. Internet address…”.

“Merry Christmas and a happy New year!” it was a traditional greeting, which is now increasingly heard is boring and impersonal “Happy holidays!”. Politically correct fanatics and reinsurers strongly pushed Christmas the next year. Because not all the peoples of the world believe that the New year starts 1 January: Chinese expected February 16, and Jewish – and at 9 September 2018. And the number of the New year on the Jewish calendar is quite different than the Christian: now in the court 5778 year. So maybe the numbering of the year is also better to say nothing to somebody not to offend?

But in order not to intimidate the reader with the occurrence of total politically correct nonsense, we hurry to inform you some comforting news. In the American people is growing resistance to the politically correct idiocy. Against officials and politicians, people are increasingly saying, “Glory to God”, “God bless”, “Happy Easter!”, “Merry Christmas!”. Other, if you don’t want to believe in God, not to celebrate Christian holidays (which, once again, celebrate and many non-Christians), not to use came from the Christian faith words and turns of speech, but they should not interfere with those who believes, says and does.

The shopping chains GAP and Old Navy initially refused, under the pressure of political correctness, Christmas terminology and went on “holiday”, but the buyer expressed his “Phi”, after which they quickly returned to saying “Merry Christmas!” and decoration of their commercial premises with Christmas trees and spruce wreaths. Others will follow.

Meanwhile, the Russian-speaking compatriots living in the New world, the majority celebrate all the holidays in order, regardless of their religious or atheistic affiliation: Hanukkah, then the Western Christmas, then New year, then Orthodox Christmas, Old New year, and Chinese too. According to the American proverb – “the more, the merrier”. Well, I guess it is correct.

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