A psychiatrist confirmed the harm of alcohol on the DNA level

Alcohol in large quantities is bad is not news. But even in small, therapeutic, as they are called, doses – not too good. It’s a poison and all poisons, suppresses the immune system and increases the risk of developing cancer. This is because the alcohol destroys the body at the cellular level.

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Scientists who conducted experiments with ethanol in mice, concluded that alcohol damages DNA of stem cells-the precursors of red blood cells. Thus, the acetaldehyde resulting from the breakdown of ethanol, can cause double-stranded breaks in DNA. The body can recover, but when alcohol abuse of protective and repair mechanisms fail.

As stated by the psychiatrist, narcologist Alexander Kovtun, the study only confirms the previously known facts.

“Alcohol is a poison and all poisons in high concentrations inhibit the immune system and the cells of the body. The result is a different serious consequences, including cancer – stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus,” said a doctor live on NSN.

According to the physician, there is no single recipe for how to minimize negative consequences of alcohol consumption. Except one – the smaller, the better. The doctor acknowledged that in the modern Russian society there is a problem of restriction of consumption of a population of alcohol, “tradition” this has evolved over the centuries.

“Each dose should be measured solely individually, a single Council isn’t here,’ said the doctor. – We should strive to live without any stupefying and changes its functional state and to achieve happiness in other ways”.

Informed the Danish scientists on the results of the experiments concluded that a woman’s ability to conceive is drastically reduced with daily use of even one – but a big glass of wine. The critical volume of the researchers called “dose” in 240 ml. With more than moderate alcohol consumption on the likelihood to conceive a child, presumably, not affected, said in a research report.

Another argument for women against abuse of alcohol, in particular, loved the ladies dry white wine – it is bad for the skin. So, just three glasses of white wine a week increase the risk of diseases of rosacea, characterized by redness and lesions on the skin.

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