Apple fell victim to “ipocalypse”: vulnerable almost all devices

Apple was another major vehicle manufacturer, have recognized the vulnerability of their products before the bugs Meltdown and the Spectre, the problems with which a few days previously acknowledged Microsoft, Intel and several other manufacturers. In Cupertino urgently develop the medicine, yet also admit that the potential victims of hackers at the moment can be almost all Apple devices, with the exception of smart watches.


Hardware vulnerability Meltdown ( translated from English. “collapse”) takes down the barrier between applications and the internal memory of the operating system, allowing outside access to data in OS memory. Spectre (“spectrum”, aka “Ghost”) breaks the barrier between applications, that is, one program can fit into the memory of another. In addition to the major brands of the vulnerability previously reported by other CPU manufacturers like AMD and ARM, which works on most modern smartphones. The magnitude of the problem allowed the media to christen it the “ipocalypse”.

Currently, the company urgently release updates that can protect devices against these vulnerabilities. Thus, immediately after the announcement of the threat Windows has released an update, which has developed since the end of last year. Google, 4 Jan first announced the detection Spectre and Meltdown (regardless of several other researchers, while at the same time revealing vulnerability), said that Android smartphones will be protected, provided that users download the latest system updates.

As for Apple, the company stated that all of the gadgets on iOS and all Mac computers are currently vulnerable is that the Meltdown will not affect Apple Watch.

The company said that it has already released updates to iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2 and tvOS 11.2 to protect against Meltdown, and in the near future Apple is planning to release a new thing for Safari, which protects against Spectre.

Meantime, the company recommends that users of Apple brand download apps only from trusted sources — in this case, from the App Store.

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