Christmas 2018 the eyes of the priest Vsevolod Chaplin: it is possible, what not

The feast of Christmas is important in the world, but the Russians in the last hundred years are tied for first place in the New year — and then, as a residual, say the night of 6 to 7 January. Father Vsevolod Chaplin reminded about the inadmissibility of such approach and told us how to behave at the great Vespers votserkovleniya man and not.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Christmas eve — the last day of advent, which falls on January 6, considered the most restrictive of all. Until the appearance of the first star (an allusion to the star of Bethlehem, which was once seen by the wise men) should refrain from eating meat and other pleasures; the most righteous in this day limited to the water. But on the morning of 7 January, you can break the fast and start celebrating.

Read more about how to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas, “MK” said father Vsevolod Chaplin:

– Whether to go to the temple for service to those who do not observe advent?

– To go into the service is the only thing worth doing. All the rest is nonsense. Christmas is the encounter with Christ, this is the time when you can participate in a solemn Liturgy and to commune of Christ’s Holy sacraments. Christmas tree, gifts, trips to visit — it has minor elements of the holiday. One pastor said that Christmas is too tainted all sorts of shopping and entertainment component, so that people begin to forget about its true meaning. Not on traditions, not on folklore, not on TV, but about how God saved mankind. It’s never too late to remember him and come to the temple. Especially those who really believe in Christ.

– How to behave to a man if he felt the need to go to the temple, but doesn’t know how to behave during service, does not know the prayers?

– You just need to come and ask someone quietly what to do. Or you can simply look on the Internet, now it is enough recommendations. Much depends on the specific Church, where a Christmas service takes place in the night, somewhere in the morning. You can always consult to know what to learn prayers. There are no formalities, just a willing person.

– If the person decided not to go to the temple, and to stay home what is better — to watch stream great Vespers on television or to pray quietly alone with myself?

– First of all, in order not to go into the service, a believer is required good reason. For example, it is permissible for the father of the newly born child or sick people, for those who have weakness. I think we should watch a TV broadcast, and then pray in your own words and read the Christmas Troparion or Kontakion.

– Indeed, for many Christmas is the first holiday, and then a religious day. What behavior should be in this day, is it permissible entertainment?

– Need to distinguish between Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Because January 6 is the last, the most strict day of advent. In ancient times Christians in this day do nothing to eat and now the most righteous Christians only drink water or tea. But after the Christmas service decided to go to visit, to chat, to lay festive tables — for long holidays, which last until the eve of Epiphany (January 17).

Meetings and exchange of gifts is very good to use to reconcile with those who hurt you, or whom you yourself have offended in the past year. You can resolve conflicts with relatives. The Lord gave us this holiday to help.

— Traditionally, the Yuletide associate people with fortune — in the Epiphany night, as Zhukovsky. As a modern Orthodox Church refers to such entertainment?

– Actually I haven’t seen people seriously wondered. This bygone custom, so there is no difference — believers of people or we are talking about non-believers. Here carols is quite acceptable Christianity entertainment.

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