Fake snow: it is useless to expect this winter in Moscow before Christmas

A popular joke of the last days: “Here’s a real “European” New year!”. So Patriotic Muscovites taunt fellow who has failed to take off on holidays abroad… we are Talking about temperatures around zero, and no snow. But for a long time to gloat will fail: in the night of Friday, January 5, in the capital, the snow fell, and soon, as promised by the weather forecasters, temperature will drop to 8 degrees below zero. So instead of “eurosima” we are waiting for a native Russian – snowmen and gnashing of spades janitor under the window. However, already after the festive holidays.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Compare the view with what I saw when-that Pushkin’s Tatyana, rash: although the snow was not even on the third and on the fifth night, he was not the first for the winter. However, on New year’s eve a huge number of Muscovites complained on social networks on the lack of “festive mood”, saying that the snow fell, a Christmas miracle did not happen… the same remarks can be heard on the Fairgrounds in the center of Moscow: all right, but you neither snow nor frost, what is New year? Some joke European! Indeed, the lack of snow and “zero” on the thermometer – typical satellites of the Christmas fair somewhere in Munich or Brussels. That’s just the Muscovites to be the “Eurozone” not used to it yet – but they will never have, as evidenced by the forecasts.

– The weather, the thaw will continue for 2-3 days. To call today’s snow cover is steady difficult, it will disappear quickly. This is the explanation. Over the Urals region of high pressure over Scandinavia – cyclones. Because of this, formed a stable flow from the South-West that bring in the center of the European part of Russia warm air. After 9-10 January the situation will change – there will be an anticyclone over Scandinavia, the wind blows from the North. In the middle of next week will appear the cool air – the temperature will be minus 5-7 degrees. However, it is still above normal – in early January, the average temperature should be 8-9 degrees of a frost, – has explained in conversation with the correspondent “MK” specialist of the center weather “Phobos” Alexander Sinenko.

According to him, the concept of Christmas or Epiphany frosts very arbitrary – they are not every year and not everywhere.

For example, now in the Urals and in Bashkortostan – minus 15-17 degrees here and Christmas frosts. For Moscow, this year the weather is not relevant. In fact, the average temperature is kept approximately at the same level for several years, he added Sinenko.

According to Murphy’s law: as soon as the Muscovites over the Christmas holidays, so once the weather will have winter fun sculpting a snowman and snowball fight… In the festive days, alas, have to settle for artificial rockery in Moscow boulevards and filled with rollers and even Curling (a snowman tolerate).

A favorite pastime of people – to try for the weather in the first days of the new year guess what to expect during the fall, winter and even spring or summer. Domestic folklore is rich in signs of them this year is relevant, for example, such: “If in the first days of January, Sunny and warm in early may will be cold and windy” or “Warm January – to late spring.” It would seem that ideas are not deprived of the essence – no wonder Muscovites have been joking recently that, say, the weather becomes very convenient: from August to June go to the same jacket…

However, as explained by the specialist of “Fobos”, one should not engage in long-term forecasting. To statistical regularities were accurate, you need to consider many monitoring of weather factors – not all of them are regularly observed. So to rely on traditional signs in this question is not the best way to predict the weather.

Recall that the warmest in the last hundred years was in January 2007 – when the temperature rose above 5 degrees Celsius and the absolute maximum (11 January 2007) was at 8.6. This was in line with the weather beginning of April. Then the anomalous heat began in December 2006 and remained more than a month.

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