Ipocalypse: how to protect your smartphone from hacking

To protect your smartphone from hacking has become more complex, the global vulnerability of electronic devices has now reached the level of “iron”, when security holes lie not in the program code and the processor. “MK” has learned now how to protect yourself from hackers and avoid becoming a victim of cyberhawks.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Apple has become the latest electronic equipment manufacturer, recognized the vulnerability of almost all their products before the bugs Meltdown and the Spectre. Informed about problems with hardware vulnerabilities announced in Microsoft and Intel.

As told “MK” the General Director of the company-developer of mobile applications Reactive Phone Ivan Semenov, manufacturers of processors have made the smartphones a potential vulnerability could be wrong in their design. “Modern processors are very complicated. There are trillions of transistors. When we talk about complexity, there are always some shortcomings and miscalculations, which could play havoc with your smartphone”.

The expert noted that such cases hardware vulnerabilities already mentioned, however, had no such a large scale and applied to specific products. “A few years ago there was a case similar vulnerability with a separate Intel processors. And if we talk about Apple products, this Iphone 3gs. There was a vulnerability in the processor, so it was possible to hack phones no matter what. Apple updated its operating system, but the device remained vulnerable.”

With regard to the protection against hacker attacks using the vulnerability, according to Semenov, it is to avoid potentially dangerous sites and applications on the Internet. “Here the problem occurs in such a complex technical level that can only understand the expert. But the ordinary user need not to download pirated software, do not visit suspicious websites and don’t open suspicious links in emails. More probably, and does not advise”.

Another recommendation on combating hacking attacks, which has been approved by our source, is to bind Bank card not to the phone, and to simple “cell phone buttons”. “If we are talking about mobile devices, in principle, be the competent recommendation, I just don’t know how people follow it. Simple keypad the phone is not designed to install any extraneous software. All confirmations come normal text”.

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