“The first exhibition to 2018 in the Tretyakov gallery will exhibit portraits of Karl Briullov

– Exhibition of works by Mikhail Larionov, Arkhip Kuindzhi, a retrospective of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, rare family photos of the Romanovs will present in 2018 in the Tretyakov gallery.

The first exhibition of the year will be the exhibition “Karl Bryullov. Portraits from the private collection of St. Petersburg”. The exhibition, which opens January 24 in Lavrushinsky lane, will present eight of the portraits made by the painter in different periods of art, including ceremonial and intimate image, group family portrait, equestrian “portrait walk”, self-portraits. Among them is “Lady at the piano”, “Portrait of E. P. Gagarina sons, Eugene, Leo and Theophilus”.

About 100 works will be exhibited in the framework of the project “the Legend of the city of Sviyazhsk” in the same building of the state Tretyakov gallery from February 21. Are manuscripts and icons of the XVI century, telling about the military campaign, the basis of Sviyazhsk, founded in 1550 not far from Kazan, and also about the decoration of monasteries and churches of the city and first became famous in the land of the saints.

For the first time in Moscow will be shown two icons unique to the completeness and composition of the ancient iconography of Sviyazhsk from the wooden Trinity Church and the stone Cathedral of the assumption. One of the unique exhibits will be the veil with the image of our lady of Kazan is the oldest extant image of the famous miraculous icon.

A large-scale retrospective of the 100 scenic and 130 graphic works by Vasily Vereshchagin will be opened in the state Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft 6 Mar. One of the objectives of the exhibition according to the Museum, will be reflections on the boundaries of realism on the example of the master. The works will be on display series devoted to his trips and travels: Turkestan, Balkans, Indian series, “Russian North”, a Japanese series. Special sections is a cycle of “Trilogy of executions” and “the Palestinian series”.

The first experience of the Museum’s understanding of the artistic processes in the Russian art of the early XXI century will be the show “Time 0-10. The art of the 2000s”. About 100 works – paintings, drawings, objects, installations, video-works will demonstrate the diversity of ideas and practices that emerged in this period. It nonspectacular art, aesthetics of interaction, simulationism and social projects. The exhibition will open on March 23.

In April, the public will present the exhibition “the Traveler through the universe. Maximilian Voloshin” with the best watercolors of the master, as realistic, and fantastic.

For the world Championship on football in the state Tretyakov gallery will time sculpture exhibition on the theme of sports 1930-ies – 1990-ies. Will be presented the famous work “Girl with a paddle” by I. Shadr, “Sportwoman” E. Yanson-Manizer, “the Players” A. Deineka, “ice Hockey” I. Chaikov. Also the exhibition will include unique and rarely exhibited sculpture “pole vault” I. Chaikov, “Relay”, “Sprint” and “Before start” A. Deineka, “Honored master of sports M. Isakov” E. Yanson-Manizer. Separately show “Swimmer” Polosovoi, “Race on the sand track” Ya Sansa, “Football” O. Kostkevich, its unusual plastic solutions.

Large-scale retrospective of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov “In the future take not all” will open in London on 7 September . The exhibition’s title repeats the name of one of the Central projects of the exhibition – installation of 2000, representing a railway track with a receding train, which are rejected by the future picture.

The exposition displays more than 100 works – paintings, drawings, albums, models, installations. Among the latter, the Central place will be “Labyrinth (my mother’s journals)”, “the Man flown away into space from his room” “his life” “the case of the Museum, or Music on the water” and others.

A special section will include early works of Kabakov 1960-1970-ies.

Another large retrospective exhibition will present 19 Sep . It will be a project dedicated to one of the founders and leaders of Russian avant-garde painting, Mikhail Larionov. Over 500 exhibits will shed light on all the main areas of the master, as well as a wide range of interests Larionov-collector.

The exhibition will include a textbook of the famous painting “the Garden” works “Soldier series”, the famous “Venus” for the first time brought together works from the series “seasons”. Special attention attention is never exhibited in Russia luchitskii canvas “Nocturne” (1913-1914) from the collection of the Tate gallery and “Radiant sausage and mackerel” (1912) from the Museum Ludwig.

In addition, the public will present the French period of creativity of artists of 1910-1920-ies associated with the “Russian ballet of Diaghilev”, which Larionov worked as a painter-decorator, author of the libretto, consultant and choreographer.

An exhibition of photographs from family albums of the Romanov family will be held in the state Tretyakov gallery in the framework of the Moscow international Biennale in September. Albums, decorated with silver and gold, from Gatchina and Alexander palaces were not previously shown to the public.

More than 120 paintings and sketches by Arkhip Kuindzhi will show 3 October in the framework of the show, which will acquaint the public with the creative quest and experiments of the outstanding landscape painter. GTG noted that the A. Kuindzhi used in his work the latest discoveries in physics and chemistry, experimented with light, color, coloring pigment.

In the exhibition “Unknown Wanderers” will include about 200 works by such masters as Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Isaac Levitan, Ivan Shishkin, Vasily Surikov, Ivan Kramskoy and others. It is not only paintings but also drawings, watercolors. It will open to the public on November 23.

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