The life of downshifters in Goa: what I do and what I have

Who nowadays can afford not to work all year round to admire the ocean from the terrace of a private residence and not to fool the pressing political and economic problems? Only two categories: the rich heirs and downshifters. Last learned to live “Suite” without money. And many girls until recently, hunting for the bags, now love them — downshifters.


The oligarchs mostly old, married and greedy! – shares long-legged model Mara. – And their “pokemon” (the children of the rich — Ed.) – often spoiled, worthless and arrogant. With such ugly talk, and money is the throat will rise! With the downshifters much nicer to deal with. Well, they have no capitals, but they are successful and gush ideas. And they are beautiful, tanned, pumped up and with them always fun!

Downshifters prefer South-East Asia. In Tae is all more or less divided, but business in the Indian state of Goa is similar to Russian wild capitalism of the 90s. Who invented the first one and skim the cream. Only criminals, and Goan corrupt security forces are not spoiled and usetechnical hospitably.

However, the old paragliders, bought the visiting owner, from time to time falling together with the General description on the reservation. Even poor people periodically pulls on the bottom of the outdated diving equipment and a wave washes under the guidance of the surf instructors, who had never seen a real surf wave and is usually a quiet Goan beach days deals with tourists on land.

No one is responsible for anything. Tourists themselves have to sign the papers that jump off mountains with a paraglider (sink to the bottom, get to surf, etc) at their own risk.

Goa — a Paradise for Russian citizens Ostap Bender in my pants “Alibaba”. Local people occupied his usual physical work — cooks, cleans, does massage, is selling fruits, cloths and beads and in the intellectual-spiritual sphere will not go. She then untilled.

27-year-old Mara first came to Goa two years ago, “packetize”. After 2 weeks, the girlfriend left, and Mara stayed — she met Him. Tanned, smiling, with dazzling torso of 34-year-old Denis in Moscow was a banker (so he said), and in Goa conducts training “Leave myself alone”.

– A feature of the season! – admires Mara. When we met, he led a circle of tantric sex for 1000 rupees per hour (1 rupee is about 1 Belarusian ruble). But Dan is always looking several steps ahead, his business flair. Leave yourself alone is a trend. Because today no one can afford it, because you can’t. Dan teaches men and women to score on what society expects of them. That is, for cheap teaches you to be free.

Three days exploring was enough to make Mara ignored the return ticket, a job in the Metropolitan modeling Agency, wealthy patrons and was nice in the tent. In the truest sense.

– And how you live?

From November to April on the coast, from may to October, go to the Himalayas or to Tibet. To extend your visa, go to India for a couple of days somewhere in Nepal. Anywhere to rent a flat from a local. As said before — savage.

– A luxurious life — the sea, the mountains… It’s Dan so earns?

Dan, our benefactor, Yes! But his income depends on the batchfile. Typed a big group, makes good money, but no — not really. But I have a stable earnings!


Why? I fried cheesecakes and pies to bake and deliver the bike for Russian families with children, which then overwinter. In agreement to get they can, with children to sit — I can do anything! And clients I have a lot, I know.

– So, can, and Dan to do something more stable than a workshop, “Leave yourself alone”?

– Well, not pies did he bake! The Russian men, if you want to know, in bed weak, because the women are their for the money chase. And this capitalist race — to man stress, he is not to have sex. About it is just training Dan. Come and listen!

– And you got married, once such harmony?

– No, and why? We are for each other love, not the state. Besides, Dan is married, somewhere in Samara or where he. A child… a boy or a girl — can’t remember. And he himself in the course can not remember.

Take out the husk from the third eye

This thin long-haired blond guy calls himself a Teacher. Which year he arrived in Goa in the most pleasant season in the company of several ladies of elegant age and is one of the best villas on the ocean in a palm grove. The company leads a solitary life, enjoys a private beach, and evening

all in white climbs to the roof of the Villa with candles. No music, no laughter never heard – dead silence.

I managed to catch one of the ladies from the Villa and inquire the details.

– We have an offsite retreat (a time dedicated to spiritual practice – Ed). The teacher says to chat with anyone and do not trust anyone too. Goa is a fraudulent place but there’s an exit to the upper world, so the Teacher opens the third eye.

– You, too?

– No, we are far from it, the third eye opens only prepared, but we are still in the beginning. The teacher charges us with their energy during retreats. We do a lot of work: retreats we have from 6 to 9 am, then Breakfast, a swim, then lunch, from 15.00 to 18.00 again retreat and after dinner, evening on the roof — from 21.00 to midnight.

What happens during the retreat? You are always so quiet!

Is the key to a good retreat. We focus on the absorption energy of the Teacher and are not distracted, looking at him.

– And what’s he doing?

– He lies with eyes closed and silent.

– Is he asleep?!

Here my companion pursed his lips and rounds out our communication:

– Teacher says to explain something to one who is devoid of sensitivity to subtle energies – it’s like teaching a goat physics.

You have to collect information about the strange alien and his retinue in a roundabout way. It was not difficult: Teachers in North Goa known to many. No joke, to fool as many money women!

– He gathers a group of wealthy ladies 40+ who are lonely and want something high, and at the same time man, – not without envy, said the rival Teachers in the field of esoteric services on behalf of gosh, and by profession, Brahman Himalayan Kurush-Zen. – He rubs them, that they are endowed by hypersensitivity that they have a predisposition to the opening of the third eye, you just have to do it, swinging the chakra. And then he went to retreats where rocking all the chakras in turn.

As it turned out, a Teacher for 29 years and he is a graduate of the distinguished Russian technical College with the specialty of nuclear physics. With a degree he didn’t work on the native peripherals not lived and knocked about on mercenary jobs, he found himself in the role of Teacher, the good woman had always loved. Especially those who are older.

– They’re all so enthusiastic, obviously in love with him, gossip Mara, which happened to deliver to the Villa cheesecakes. – All in loose white robes and run after him like chickens. And he’s so paces between them in an orange loincloth between them like a cock. Dan says he zombiruet…

The Teacher of the high mission, apparently, is not shy. Network it has a website. There, he monthly reports, where the heavenly mind tells him to hold regular on-site retreat, and announces the fee. The taste of heavenly good reason: in autumn and spring prefers old Villa in Italy, summer houses in Provence and Lasource in winter in South-East Asia. Therefore, the participation in retreat is always expensive. Must be willing to do to buy tickets and the money for the rental of the Villa and on opening the third eye to translate the Master account. And where they take them – you earn or shoot the rich men, the Teacher is not concerned. Its Central commandment: money is the husk, which is the third eye.

The star of the former official

This gentleman in Moscow many people know: he once was an officer, yet his office was not disgraced and not covered with a copper basin. Then 52-summer Andrey Petrovich (name changed — Ed.) realized that he is an astrologer and moved to Goa – close to the stars, unclouded by worldly values.

Rich niche nimble state of mind has opened fast – new year’s predictions, the benefit of the fattest batchfile arrive in Goa just before the New year, hurry to cling to the vaunted Goan “enlightenment.” Andrey Petrovich responds promptly to the situation, timely changing esoteric title on the advertising leaflets.

Last December, according to the coming year, he was listed as Astro-adept red Rooster this Yellow earth Dog. Predicts a former apparatchik of the divine prices, but the subcontractors-the jeweler sends for expensive. Indeed, the jeweler will make you personally individual amulet with a stone that will bring you good luck in the new year.

30-year-old Eugene for a year helps resourceful astrodata to cope with the life – cleans the house, washes clothes, cooks food, gives affection, performs errands, and more – makes kurortnitsam pedicure, leaving to their hotel. At home Jack was paid a HR specialist for human resources.

– Zhenya, as he suddenly decided to stay in Goa?

– Love, gently meets Jack. I came on the tour last year, found the hotel a leaflet about new year’s predictions went, met with Andrew and realized that my sacred duty to help him in his big carry case light people.

– How did you get that?

– Andrew put me in a trance and said that Red Rooster would bring me happiness if I stay with him. And so it was.

And it does not hurt to do a pedicure after a beautiful office and high salaries?

– What are you! – offended Jack. Is happiness for me, because in this lesson, there is vanity, ambition, vanity – all that stuff that poisons the life. I science in the lower grades am on the Internet.

– How is the Internet?!

– Goa live Russian families with school-age children, chose family education (teachers in all subjects are the lessons online). I found a school textbook, a few students and engaged with them on Skype. I could also use with Russian children so to do, but they’re in normal school.

– Zhenya, how do you see your future? You left the profession, but things are changing rapidly. Andrei Petrovich, as far as I know, wife, kids…

– Andrew said that it is necessary not to puzzle over this, but just to be in the flow and to trust the space, a serene smiling Jack. – Then it will bring a new level when you realize that money and career is empty.

– But you for this “empty” work…

– I do this because Andrew’s work just before the New year, and I have the whole season and even after. In the spring we’re moving with the Russian Diaspora in Manali (North India, Himachal Pradesh), pedicure needed everywhere, and the Hindus dirt can bring. And science also need the entire academic year.


In the oasis of enlightenment physical labor is only employed women – both Indian and Russian.

Goanet sits in his shop or the neck (cafe), and his wife carries on his head a box of goods and products. On the site of the Indian men give orders and women wear on their heads the sacks of cement.

Russian downshifters male act solely in the spiritual and educational sphere, which successfully adapted themselves. Yoga replaced the “Slavic gymnastics” – it is difficult to curl with the letter “SIC” and how is she, the Slavic gymnastics, still nobody knows… Hindu meditation upgrade to retreats under the slogan “Leave yourself alone, me too”, where the participants for their own money to sit and watch you lying there still.

I wonder how psychologists, of which in Goa is also a dime a dozen, a surprising trend: for the sake of dubious downshifters successful the Russians abandon all their previous priorities, legal marriage, money, comfort?

– The period when the Russians had a high financial and career ambitions, turned to the crisis, assesses the situation, life coach Oksana Dombrovskaya. – Succeeded one, the others disappointed and tired. The majority of Russians see in routine work at home is not life, and survival. And are willing to sacrifice social status for fun to live here and now.

In Goa the average Russian salary is earned where less dusty way, would be the wit. And live on it in India is much wider, feeling not a slave in the master and a white man.

And as women, Goan men are relaxed, not suffering from the eternal competition in the capitalist race, their ego and libido in order, thanks to the fertile climate and helpful local people. And, in contrast to exhausted the ambition of the Russian men, they are not lazy to look for the approach to female. That’s really kind of a luxury when a man has the time, ability and desire.

Women do not need so much attention, the feeling of complete confidence in his man and quality of sex and then they rolled for your character of the mountain.

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