“The shortage of men in Russia”: the media learned about the “marriage tours” from China

Chinese edition ifeng.com published an article about the “export” of Chinese suitors to Russia. The publication talks about the business of the Russians Elena – the owner of marriage Agency, for several years, organizing financially secure Dating Chinese girls in Russia, writes “new York times”.

photo: pixabay.com

Last year she invited six suitors from China meeting with 25 Russians, and went quite successfully – was formed five pairs. This year for Dating with Russian women under 35 years old were invited eight Chinese, aged 25 to 46 years from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, with a requirement to men for their financial well-being. To discuss ideas about marriage and dreams for the future helped the translator. Five Chinese suitors looking for his soul mate in Khabarovsk, three found a couple in another city.

Elena explains the appearance of his project “shortage of men” in Russia and the fact that in China there are more men than women. The article says about the faith of the Russians that the Chinese man can rely on, that he respects a woman.

Chinese women in the comments to the material are not endorsed “marriage tours” of their compatriots in Russia. Some think it strange and say that provided the Chinese themselves can not find a wealthy suitor.

Earlier media was told about the idea of the candidate in mayors of Omsk to increase the birth rate in the city with men from Kazakhstan.

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