Year 2018 in the poems of famous poets

Greetings Christmas each year, send to the families and friends more — you want to cook them nice and light poems. We turned to the works of famous Russian poets and offer you congratulations in the verses that would be appropriate for Christmas 2018, which falls on 7 January.


Blessed be the day and hour,

When our Lord was incarnated

When to earth He came,

To usher in the Sky us.

Blessed the day when

Opened again the gates of Eden;

Over the quiet horror of Bethlehem

Rose wonderful star!

(Konstantin Romanov)


Emptiness. But the thought of it

see suddenly like a light blue.

Would know Herod that he’s stronger

the true, inevitable miracle.

The constancy of this relationship –

the main mechanism of Christmas.

(Joseph Brodsky)


And tonight animals:

Lions, elephants, and small fry —

All will come to heaven’s doors,

Will please Christ.

(Nikolai Gumilev)


Still those stars go out,

Another dawn that shines,

That lit up the world nursery

The Newborn Christ.

(Konstantin Fofanov)


Come with me,

Where in the room shines a star,

Where candles bright,

Balloons, gifts

Decorated Christmas tree in the corner! –

“No, soon the sky will light up star.

She will lead this night here

as soon as the birth of Jesus

(Yes, right in this place!

Yes, in this frost!),

Eastern kings, the wise Magi,

To praise the Christ child.

And I saw in the window of shepherds!

I know where the barn! I know where the ox!

A donkey on the streets of our passed!”

(Valentin Berestov)


Choir of bright angels, descending on the airwaves,

The hymn declared that Christ was born,

He all the suffering around the world

A great forgiveness brought…

The star floated in the midnight fatal,

And shepherds her in the confusion of the spirit went;

And brought it to the cave, in the wilderness of the forest,

Where people born Lord found.

(Lydia Charskaya)


Will return again to the world of the soul,

Leave for a moment the diligence

To earthly cares and in the silence

The humble work of mercy

Honor the Nativity

The one Who caused us warmth,

He reveals the God – humanity

And the man is a Deity.

(Fedor CHernigovets)


All is silent in the desert snow,

Night brilliant dead –

And floating in the flickering nights

Merry Christmas…

And as if from afar,

On this joyous eve

Hear the songs of heaven

Sure sounds heavenly strings.

And promise the Holy sounds

World embittered hearts

And the land of blessing;

And Holy heavens!..

(Alexander Fedorov)


Stand up and go

In the city of Bethlehem;

Soul delight

And tell everyone:

“Our Savior came to the people,

Saved came into the world!

Glory to God in the highest,

And on earth peace!

There, where the rest

A dumb animal,

In a manger rests

All of the world King!”

(Afanasy FET)


Long gone sunset fiery shafts,

The last ray of dawn went out:

The stars twinkle, the night is clean.

Nearing the midnight hour.

In the days to come, calm,

Clad with a garment of light

The world all prayer is configured

Before the Miracle of the mystery of the world…

Floats Holy night invisible,

Fait world celebration,

And praise Cherubim

Baby God Christmas.

(Fedor Pestryakov)

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