Lost the Ural teenagers told how he survived in the forest: a warmed dog

The story of two lost in the forest young residents of Kushva Sverdlovsk ended well. Day rescuers searched for the boys. To survive in the cold children helped the dog.

Place overnight adolescents. Photo: press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region

On the evening of 4 January, two teenagers – residents of the village East of the city of Kushva Sverdlovsk region – went for a walk in the woods with the dogs and never returned.

In the search operation involved two hundred people, including rescuers, Cossacks, volunteers and the cynologist with a dog. Also rescuers had intended to use the Mi-8 helicopter, but shortly before takeoff, it became known that missing problem is found.

As have informed in a press-service GU of EMERCOM of Russia in the region, the search for the children was complicated by the difficult terrain — fallen trees and bogs. However, the footprints — baby and dog — search group of the Ministry of emergency situations managed to discover. After some time, found the jacket of one of the boys, followed by the place of accommodation, then there were teenagers.

The boys said that he was lost when one of the dogs chased a squirrel. The way back the guys are not found and decided to spend the night in the woods. They built a place of lodging from the branches of trees, and warmed the boys helped the dog: the fire they breed do not that are not matches. “At night one of the boys was sleeping while the other was awake, and periodically Wake the other, so he wouldn’t freeze,” said one of the participants of the search operation.

The doctors pronounced the boys frostbite of the toes — on the way home the boys complained of pain in the legs.

Found adolescents with lifeguards. Photo: press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region

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