The Petersburg pensioner has died in hospital, the doctors after waiting five hours

In St. Petersburg are checking into the death of an elderly woman, hospitalized in one of city hospitals. According to relatives of the pensioner, the woman brought to the emergency room, but within five hours her never left the doctor.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On Friday, January 5, 80-year-old pensioner felt bad and called an ambulance. The team took her to 15-th city hospital in Krasnoselsky district.

The grandson of a woman who together with her arrived at the hospital, said that they were forced to wait three hours in the emergency Department, and only after this the patient was sent to the neurological Department. There, her condition worsened. Relatives of a pensioner in conversation with the media indicated that they thought it strange that the grandmother was sent to the intensive care unit.

The man claims that during the five hours that he was with the grandmother was in the hospital, it never came the doctor.

“My questions “Where is the doctor?”, I replied that he can’t talk right now. People stayed for five hours without adequate assistance,” said the man website

After several hours of waiting the young man was forced to leave, and soon he reported that an elderly patient died.

After the information about this case in the media, the health Ministry announced that it will conduct an investigation into the death of the patient.

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