Dangerous and safe Christmas and Yule divination called psychologist tarragon

Christmas and Yule divination — before Baptism remain a popular custom. Different methods of fortune-telling on Christmas eve and Christmas offers psychologist tarragon Olga Romaniv.

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Divination in Russia appeared in the times of paganism, many of them not only have survived — they are also popular among women especially among young girls, as more than a thousand years ago. What kind of divination are considered unsafe and how to interpret the results?

Mirror corridor

Perhaps this divination can be classified as forbidden — a terrible divination. Girls with not a very balanced psyche this game is strictly contraindicated. It is considered that if long to look into the mirror hallway, you can see the boyfriend, and “departing” from the corridor, in no event it is impossible to look back — there is a danger to be “tightened between two worlds”, where the corridor passes. Don’t ignore warnings and don’t risk your mental health for the sake of illusory vision.

Wax on water

One of the most common types of divination make a wish or ask a question over a burning candle and drip melted wax into a bowl or a bowl of water. Turn the bowl over and “read” the shape of the solidified wax — the answer to your query in them. But then either you have to include fantasy, or be able to correctly interpret the patterns. Even if you have got incomprehensible blot, then at least you can have fun trying to solve it.

The shadow of the paper

This divination is similar to the wax on the water, but appeared much later than his counterpart. Mentally asking the question, crumple the sheet of paper is put on upside-down saucer and set on fire. And then, when the paper is completely burned, the shadow from the candle will show on the wall silhouettes which can read your future or to answer the question.

Remember: if you saw a dog, it means that your life will be a good one. Other purposes “actors theatre of shadows” you will have to guess if you don’t exactly know the values of each bend.

Coffee grounds and tea leaves

These forms of divination no Slavic roots, but they became almost family and loved ones. And most importantly, believe in them. Even if you don’t know how to read in coffee and tea, then to see your future at the bottom of the Cup you can — sometimes the images are very realistic, especially if you’re guessing at her spouse.


Continue to remember Zhukovsky: outside the gates of the slipper, removing the legs, threw. Response of divination was simple: which way will point the toe of the Shoe, there with his mistress married and quit. Today, this method of divination can leave you without shoes. Yes, and where to look for the gate in the city?

Love sleep

In ancient times it was believed that at Christmas only have prophetic dreams, so that to see her spouse very easily. The main thing – is to properly prepare and say the right words. For example, if you said: “fancy dress, betrothed, come to me now to dinner,” in the headboard of the bed was placed a piece of bread. If the young man in the dream, tried treat, the girl was destined to marry him in the same year.

The traveler on the road

The essence of divination is to find out the name of her future husband. This was done simply had to come to the first night a strange man and ask his name. Also had to call and groom. Hard to say, it was true divination of the girls from the past, but at present it is more likely to be perceived as a way of meeting, not guessing. And there — who knows? — maybe in time this same person will become your husband.

Burnt matches

When acquired the status of Christmas is divination, it is unlikely that someone’s going to say. To pagan times it is, of course, not true, but popularity because of its simplicity it not to occupy.

One match make yourself and the other chosen. Can put a match parallel to each other on the plate, but not too close. Now light them. If a match, and burn, “pulled” towards each other, will be together with conceived by man, if will turn away — it is not your destiny. To take it on faith this divination, of course, not necessary, but if the person you care about, and turned away matches, it will give you reason to think about your relationship — maybe they should change something?

Ring in millet

Probably this divination can be attributed to the most interesting and favorite girls of the past. In a large tub filled millet or any other cereal, and threw gold, silver, copper ring, hiding them in the rump.

The girl scooped up a handful of millet and on what ring she got, and wondered what would be her future husband — with money or without. If there was only cereal, the fact of marriage this year she could forget. If you’ve got your ring, it promised happiness and good luck throughout the year.

Runes the book of changes, maps, seance

All of these types of divination and communication with the spirit world as well as guesswork or tea leaves, does not have Slavic roots and appeared in quite different times and in different countries.

On runes read the fate of the ancient Celts, the book of changes has come from China, spiritism appeared in France and the homeland of card divination makes no sense at all to look for. But today during the Yuletide, they are additional ways to learn their fate. Unlike runes, cards and sticks of the I Ching to get involved in the Ouija Board is not necessary — is what should remain outside.

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