“It was an FSB major”: the wife of Arshavin was taken off the plane for brawl

Wife of the famous football player Kazakhstan Kairat, former player of “Zenith” and Russian national team Andrey Arshavin Alice Arshavin in the night at Christmas Sunday, January 7, was removed from the flight for brawl, hosted it on Board the plane EN route from Moscow to Alma-ATA, reports 78.ru. As a result, after the scandal on Board she and her children were in the police.

As notes the edition, the wife of Arshavin roamed the cabin of an aircraft during taxiing of the aircraft and not subject to the requirements of the crew. According to another version, she was trying to change the diaper of a 10-month-old daughter, which smelled bad, and was removed from the flight.

In response, according to the stewardess, the wife of Arshavin said that she “FSB major” and boasted the presence of some “crust”.

According to the version of Arshavina, she became a victim of the boorish attitude of the crew, despite the fact that, as Alice said, each ticket in business class cost 100 thousand rubles.

The guards did not detain violators. With her held an educational talk and released. Wife Arshavin with two daughters went to Alma-ATA on another flight.

In November 2017, it was reported that the marriage of Arshavin broke up. As admitted by the player himself, he cheated on his wife and she left him. Later, the wife of Arshavin said that they are ready to forgive infidelity and accept her husband back into the family.

On 5 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing airlines to make brawlers into the black list and deny them the ticket. The document will come into force in June 2018.

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