Media reported about a new attack of militants on the base Hamim

According to the Telegram channel 4 Directorate, which monitors terrorist activity, on Christmas eve, the militants in Syria again attacked Russian base Hamim. The attack had been used improvised drones with homemade mines. It is reported that Russian troops destroyed all the enemy aircraft. However, the news began to use in their order of anti-Russian media and terrorists ‘ resources.

The frame of the plot of the TV channel “Star”.

In his telegram message-channel refers to certain Pro-Syrian activists, who said that Russian soldiers on the basis Hamim allegedly shot down several attacking the airfield drones.

“UAV artisanal production arm not less artisanal mines, but at the expense of mass can cause damage to art, which stands under the open sky”, – stated in the message.

Does that attack victims and caused any damage to infrastructure is not reported.

Official reports from the Russian defense Ministry has not yet been reported.

The authors of the telegram. channel note that the propagandists terroristy have already used this news for their own purposes, inventing a kind of “movement of the free alawites”, which is allegedly behind the attack. In their propaganda materials terrorists lists of the destroyed equipment. However, since the text contains inconsistencies and errors, it is unlikely that these materials reflect the reality.

Recall that on 4 January, the Russian defense Ministry was reported about the attack of militants on 31 Dec database Hamim. Then killed two Russian soldiers.

Later, a military expert Ilya Kramnik told “MK” that the Ministry of defence can answer this attack by transfer to Syria of Russian “hunters saboteurs” and installation of systems of counter-battery fire.

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