“Negligably” the priest promises to promote among young people the gospel through rap

On the eve of the Nativity of Christ priest from Blagoveshchensk Svyatoslav Shevchenko made a music video for a rap song of his own composition and posted on the Internet, where he collected or one thousand views and a lot of approval and “likes”. The song under the fashionable name “Negligably” was a kind of preaching to the youth and younger generation of schoolchildren that the Internet became dearer home. The priest told “MK” about how he began to engage in musical creativity and what came of it.

Photo from the page in a network “Vkontakte”.

– Why did you decide to write a song?

– The chorus of the song came like a light bulb in the mind flashed. Last time often catch myself thinking how quickly life changes around us: only one thing will learn how to get used to even more new, just updated the program, and there is need again to do the upgrade. Today, scientists are talking about klipovoy thinking and hypersaline consciousness. The social network we “educate” – and we see around us is not the people, and their information and hyperlinks shell – what we represent. And we bring this virtual world into reality. Today we are interested in not the personality of the person and quotes status pictures, number of likes under posts.

– Why did you choose the format of the rap?

– REP was chosen deliberately as a wrapper for the message of the message of the youth. Since 2017 is named by the critics the year of prosperity of Russian hip-hop. And, as I understand it, my “package” hit the target. I was interviewed about 30 young people aged 11 to 22 years. Somewhere 90% of my clip is called, “gone”. That is generally liked.

– How your creativity took ecclesiastical superiors?

– So far from my Church leadership complaints were reported. So, no forbidden boundaries I moved (laughs).

– You call yourself in the song “Nekokaburi”, but your song can be streamed by clicking on the link, i.e. clicking. You don’t think the message is contradictory?

– “Nekokaburi” lyrical hero of the song he calls himself because he wants to appreciate him as a person with her worldview, experiences, creative and not judged by the copied statuses in social networks, pictures, jokes and other information husk.

– I think we have a fairly conservative society. You are criticized for the song?

– Sound and critical remarks addressed to me by Church and secular public. First we complain, they say, is not an occupation for a priest, and, second brand, he says, that “the priest to do nothing”. But often such comments, which are 5-7% of the total number of reviews are not constructive. Any improving suggestions, advice on further development. Just to shut up. The typical behavior of the haters.

Over the last few years the Church community has become more open, some Ministers “went to the people”. You are not influenced by hieromonk Photius winning show “the Voice”?

– No, the work of father Photius on me is not affected. But I watched the creative growth of the priest-rapper father Maxim, Karlenko, which is known under the pseudonym Nastoyatel. Before creating the track also listened to popular Russian rap artists.

– You plan to speak about the gospel through rap?

– There are such plans. But my goal is a minimum of “to stake out” first on the acute social themes, and then go to the actualization of the gospel among the youth of today. The main thing that they took such a format…

– So you avoid the religious message in the text?

I don’t want my work since the first steps were met as propaganda. You can talk to people about God without mentioning It explicitly, as is done, for example, the Russian band “25/17” and “Grotto”.

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