Patriarch Kirill on Christmas eve told will come when “end of the world”

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill in the Christmas interview expressed his opinion about the biblical “end of the world”. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church believes that this is possible only if evil wins good.

Photo: Official website of the Moscow Patriarchate

Traditional Christmas interview the Patriarch gave to the General Director MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev.

One of the most exciting population issues when it comes to “end of the world,” the Primate said, “If human society will cease to be viable, when they have exhausted the resource to exist.”

The Patriarch explained his words: humanity will conclude its existence only if “there’ll be total domination of evil,” that is, if the evil will increase and displace the good of human life. And the increase of evil, said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, will be when the “point of view, putting on a par of good and evil, will prevail in the global scale.”

And the Church, said the Patriarch, can not fail to sound the alarm, because someone, no matter how the Church needs to talk about it? “Today, we are not even in the beginning of this process,” warned the Primate, adding that it is impossible not to warn that “we embarked on a dangerous path of self-destruction.”

However, it encouraged the Russians, “evil is not viable”. Evil will not be able to cover the whole world as “a system in which prevails the evil, cannot exist,” said the Russian Patriarch.

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