The leader of the Komsomol Eugene Tyazhelnikov 90 years old

January 7th marks the 90th anniversary of the Komsomol leader Evgeniy Tyazhelnikov – he led the Central Committee of the Komsomol nearly a decade, from 1968 to 1977. It was a time of development of virgin lands of Kazakhstan, Altai and the Far East, the development of oil and gas fields of Siberia, the Komsomol construction projects – Atommash, the Volga and Kama automobile plants, BAM…

The forces of the Komsomol in the far North, the city grew, and through the taiga and swamps were laid highway.

Yevgeny Tyazhelnikov and now still in service, engaged in social -scientific work, lives with worries about young people. And believes that the young Communist League alive, while there is Komsomol brotherhood.

About the enthusiasm and dedication of Eugene Mihailovich, his unselfishness and ability to make friends was told by his colleagues and friends.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The first Secretary of the Komsomol (1968-77). Eugene Tyazhelnikov member of organizing Committee of “Komsomol-95” in edition “MK” in 2013.

“I would live the country native…”

“We know that you will live better than us, take the feats in the world the galaxy and make beautiful our Earth. We are a little envious of you meeting the centennial anniversary of the Soviet Motherland. But we know that you envy us, our restless young generation. We had a clear goal, a bright future, a lot of things. Is, where to put hands, mind, heart, energy. And Tom – our happiness.”

This letter to the participants of the second regional rally of Komsomol members and youth that took place in the summer of 1967 in Arkhangelsk. They appeal to the next generation, their peers. Message from the past was stored 50 years, and only recently was published.

Friends Yevgeny Mikhailovich Tyazhelnikova say that he is from the same breed of “violent and different, despised halfpenny comfort.” The Komsomol, he joined during the war, in 1943. In 15 years, helped in the hospital, seriously wounded soldiers and officers to write letters home. He was elected Secretary of the school Komsomol organization. His “Alma mater” – the Chelyabinsk pedagogical Institute, where he graduated in 1950 with honors. And after eleven years, defended his thesis, Tyazhelnikov became rector of the Institute, one of the youngest University leaders.

The talents of the scientist and effective Manager was seen, and in may 1964 he was sent to work as a head of the ideological Department of the Chelyabinsk regional Committee of the CPSU. In the same year he was elected Secretary of the regional Committee.

Party member Eugene M. was four years, and then fate gave him a second Komsomol youth. In March 1968, under the pretext of preparing for the trip to Bulgaria, Tyazhelnikova was summoned to Moscow, and suddenly held the offices of all secretaries of the Central Committee. And in conclusion, invited to talk to Brezhnev. It was the bride. And in early June, Suslov presented the new leadership of the Komsomol, the first Secretary of the Komsomol Eugene Tyazhelnikova.

The main member of the Komsomol of the country he remained nearly ten years, from 1968 to 1977. As they say colleagues Eugene Mihailovich did not work professionally in the League, and lived in the Komsomol. Was there, which beat the pulse of the country, created its power.

Then five years, from 1977 to 1982, Tyazhelnikov was the head of the propaganda Department of the CPSU Central Committee. As remembered by friends, was known as a man independent, not sacrificing its opinion in favor of the authorities. In particular, his submission of a disgraced fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who got under KGB surveillance was restricted to travel abroad, has been tasked with the design of the “Olympiad-80”. Tyazhelnikov introduced the fashion innovator with the Minister of consumer services Ivan by Dudenkova. And then helped to transform Home life on Mira in the fashion House where Vyacheslav Zaitsev became the artistic Director.

Eugene M. was the only person in the hardest Slava Zaitsev believed in him. Forced to join the Union of artists, insisted that the designer wrote a book, and even to help in this work highlighted two journalists. The result was the book “Such a fickle fashion”.

Evgeny Mikhailovich Tyazhelnikov and his wife Inna V. still on friendly terms with the designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

And then, in 1982, with the death of Brezhnev, began personnel changes. The General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri Andropov, 15 years head of the KGB. In the country joked: “the CPSU Central Committee was renamed the KGB of the Communist party”.

Eugene Tyazhelnikov in 1983 he was appointed the Soviet Ambassador to Romania. Many to this day believe that it was, in fact, honourable exile. At the ambassadorial level Eugene M. he worked until 1990, seven years. Was revoked after the anti-Communist revolution in Romania, when Ceausescu’s regime fell, and the power passed into the hands of the provisional government of the National Salvation Front. Tyazhelnikova was transferred to the MFA of the USSR, and soon after, the Minister of foreign Affairs Eduard Shevardnadze sent in his resignation.

January 7, Eugene Roshal will be 90 years old. Unfortunately, he is not now giving interviews. About the legendary Komsomol leader on the eve of the anniversary, told the “MK” are his friends and associates.

“Home, boys, your hearts”

Igor Mikhailovich Ilinskiy (worked as head of Department of the Komsomol Central Committee, Director of the research center of the Higher Komsomol school youth Institute, and since 1994 – rector of Moscow University for the Humanities):

– Evgeny Mikhailovich Tyazhelnikov – a legendary figure. In Soviet times, his name was on the lips of millions of young people. It is a well – educated and very ideological person. He is a wonderful speaker, with a phenomenal photographic memory.

I remember such a case. I worked as head of sector areas of the North-West of the Department of Komsomol organs, the Komsomol Central Committee, which included the Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Karelia, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Pskov, Novgorod, Komi Republic… And it is symbolic that the first trip, where I went after my appointment, Eugene Tyazhelnikov, became Leningrad. I called Boris Pastukhov, said that will be collected from the asset, and I have to prepare for the performance.

I worked in the office late. Sitting on a chair with his back to the door, heard that someone entered, but continued to write. Then turned around – is Tyazhelnikov. To my surprise there was no limit. Never before the first secretaries of the Komsomol did not go to the offices of the… Eugene M. held out his hand, said, “Here, decided to meet before the trip…” And started to chase me, to ask about yield in the region at the bread, about yields. He was very seriously preparing for the trip.

We arrived in Leningrad, barely managed to stay in a hotel, as Tyazhelnikova took Grigory Romanov, and I was left to finish it for him. (Now I would call a speechwriter). Pretty big text. Going to a meeting, Eugene M., remarked: “You give me a text tomorrow at 7 in the morning.” I remember thinking, when will he have time to read it? And here comes in a huge hall, sitting about a thousand people. Eugene M. just look at the page and if it will take a picture and then five minutes, and – purely on the text. So he had a phenomenal memory. All were amazed by his oratory skills. The audience applauded him standing. Present in the room understood what it should say, the Komsomol leader.

Let me give you another example. Being the Deputy head of the Department of Komsomol organs, the Komsomol, I was in charge, in addition to territorial organizations, Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia, the Caucasus, were preparing YCL cadres. And this is about 150 thousand exempt employees and assets of about 3 million people.

I was requested to prepare a document “On measures to improve the level of training and re-training of Komsomol cadres.” And that rings Tyazhelnikov, “What is that document you gave me? He’s about measures, and where there is action?” But the fact was that all the papers passed through the head of the General Department, and to all documents written his note, where he noted that there were good and bad. After reading his summary, Tyazhelnikov decided to talk to me. I was hurt, I could not resist, said, “You, Eugene M., not a right”. He was surprised: “How so?” And then I said, “how about you open your text, and I am his.” Read one of the items and ask: “Is the measure?” He agrees: “Measure.” Read further and ask: “Is the measure?” He echoed: “Measure”, and offers: “You, Igor, go, and I again look carefully. Calls me an hour later and says, “Excuse me, please, I have read, you have a great document.” This behavior was atypical for hardware workers.

Eugene M. is a very intelligent and educated person. For almost a decade tenure as the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, he managed to do a lot of good for the League, and for young people.

The higher Komsomol school is a man-made monument Tyazhelnikova. It was his idea to create ESC. Then this school was transformed into the Institute of youth and then – in Moscow humanitarian University. Now I am the rector of Moscow University for the Humanities. Here nothing new is built. All had previously been erected by the young Communist League, the Komsomol funds. We only all the buildings put in order, renovated auditorium, classrooms and corridors. Portrait of Yevgeny Mikhailovich Tyazhelnikova hanging in our gallery of honour, we adopted him a scholarship.

Even when they were destroyed by the Soviet Union, he remained in office, he lived and now lives with worries about the youth, actively maintains contacts with veterans of the Komsomol. He is a very caring, restless people. All the time something comes up, communicate with the authorities, initiates letters to the President, communicates closely with the mayor. With his participation, for example, has revived student construction teams. He was one of the founders of the Russian public organization “the Pupils of Komsomol Is My middle name”, uniting the veterans of the young Communist League and representatives of different youth organizations.

I don’t even know he is sick or not. In my opinion, never hurts. All the time on my feet all the time moving, all the time poses problems.

We are constantly in touch, friends families are either in the theatre or in the restaurant. Evgeny Mikhailovich with his wife Inna Vasilievna – an avid theatre-goers. At the Bolshoi they are familiar with all leading ballerinas and dancers. Among their friends – Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov.

“Hear, time is buzzing BAM!”

Viktor M. Mishin (was the first Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee from 1982 to 1986):

– When Evgenii Mikhailovich Tyazhelnikov came in 1968 to the post of first Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee, we, frankly, he was treated with some caution. He came with the party, was Secretary of the Chelyabinsk regional Committee of the CPSU, was in charge of ideology. But to his credit, in a short time he proved that he is a true leader, a mentor, a generator of ideas.

When, in 1973, Eugene M. was campaigning for me to go to work as head of the Department of working youth in the Komsomol Central Committee, I resisted for a long time. We in the Moscow city Komsomol Committee where I was Secretary, was a very friendly atmosphere and great team. And then offer a division for young workers where the salary is more, and the “pinwheel” – the phone government communications… But I have long disagreed. And only then realized how Tyazhelnikov was a wise man, when he insisted on my transition. By the time when he recommended me for the post of first Secretary of the Komsomol CIM, I managed to pass the perfect school.

We by Yevgeny Mikhailovich started to do BAM, I’m the head of the Department of working youth of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, he – as the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol. We went to the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Alexei Nikolayevich Kosygin. April 27, 1974 from Moscow for the construction of the Baikal-Amur mainline went first all-Union shock Komsomol squad named XVII Congress of the Komsomol. To pave the highway went 600 Komsomol members from all Union republics and from Moscow and Leningrad. Attention to BAM was huge. To get in the squad, had to withstand a serious competition. Eugene M. knew every one of of the pioneers who followed their fate.

Tyazhelnikov – a very demanding Director and considerate person. I, for example, he taught me how to work with documents. We all know how much hard and effectively he worked, supported and promoted new initiatives.

But at the same time, Eugene M. is a very modest man. He wrote the book “They were the first”, but said not about himself but about the first eleven secretaries of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, who held this post before him. Some of them he knew personally, the other told, by studying the numerous testimonies and documents.

He’s a great scientist, a very thoughtful historian. Soon to come another great book.

Now we are preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol. He literally gush of ideas. He has a great memory. He remembers everything to the last detail.

On 7 January he will be 90 years old, but to celebrate the anniversary it was not widely. A loved one Yevgeny Mikhailovich health problems. But on 10 January he will take up the bachelor party. It will come to congratulate the members of the Komsomol, which now for 70, 80 and 90 years. Komsomol brotherhood – it’s forever.

“And again prophetsa fight!”

Abdulrahman Vezirov halilović (he worked as the first Secretary of the Central Committee of youth of Azerbaijan, Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee, head of industry Department of Central Committee KP of Azerbaijan, the Consul General of the USSR in Calcutta (India), Ambassador to the Kingdom of Nepal, in Pakistan, first Secretary of the Communist party of Azerbaijan):

– Yevgeny Mikhailovich I met in 1968, when he arrived in Magnitogorsk where took place the all-Union rally of students in vocational education. He was Secretary of the Chelyabinsk regional Committee of the CPSU and the young rector of the Institute. During the meeting we talked warmly. And just a couple of months I learned that Eugene M. presented at the post of first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol. In this position, he worked for nearly ten years. The achievements of Soviet youth of that period – the great merit Tyazhelnikova.

Eugene M. – a workaholic. When I was having a rare free time, he went to the Playground to play volleyball and in winter to ski.

When I was appointed Consul General of the USSR in Calcutta, he a month later came to India to support me. And brought with him a large group of our artists and talented youth. It really helped me at the initial stage to establish contacts with the local intelligentsia.

Then our lives are scattered around the world, but we were constantly in touch. And now we continue to communicate closely involved in many activities. And he keeps calling me as the first Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee, says: “a meeting of veterans of the Western–Siberian metallurgical combine. There is a desire to participate?”. I say in response: “Yes, comrade commander.”

I’m happy that on my way met such a wise, incredibly organized and friendly person.

“I will not leave Komsomol, I will be young forever!”

Ilyas Magomed-Salamovich Umakhanov (I worked in the office of the Central Committee of the Komsomol. Since 2001 Senator from Dagestan, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council):

– It is symbolic that the 90-year anniversary of Yevgeny Mikhailovich practically coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol. There is a deep, inner connection. From among the leaders of the young Communist League, who are now alive and well, given the age and the degree of respect, Eugene M., the oldest. But in fact it is the youngest member of the Komsomol of anyone I know. So he is cheerful, optimistic and young at heart. It is still burning Komsomol enthusiasm.

Eugene M. always fatherly and kindly I was treated. In this regard, I consider myself his disciple, and us a lot.

He’s the type of people who are beacons. You can speak about human greatness, decency, dignity, kindness and spiritual generosity.

I love and honor Eugene Mihailovich because he was friendly with my father. They were colleagues, we came together through life. (Magomed-Salam Umakhanov I. was the first Secretary of the Dagestan regional Committee of the CPSU, member of the Central Committee of the Communist party – Ed.)

I wish Yevgeny Mikhailovich to celebrate the 100-year anniversary, and all of us – to the modern Russian society appeared more and more such people – torches that can be.

Vitaly Borisovich Arsentiev (he was Chairman of the Central ricomincia of the Komsomol, the rector of the ESC under the Komsomol Central Committee, counselor of the Embassy of the USSR and the Russian Federation in Nicaragua):

– I was fortunate to work with Yevgeny Mikhailovich Tyazhelnikovym in the Komsomol Central Committee, and then in the foreign Ministry. I can tell you that this kind of dedication and performance – still have to search. For all of us working in the Komsomol became a real school of life, quenching for all subsequent years.

On the day of the 90th anniversary wish Evgeny Mikhailovich of health, vitality, preservation of creative potential and longevity!

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